Christians. Goths and Elton John, this is the Y Factor.

Y!KES are bringing hilarity and absolute weirdness in their latest music video as they return to music for round two with their new track ‘Y Factor.’

The new track follows from their debut track ‘Uncanny Valley’ and gives fans a better taste of the serious bangers to come, further opening the world to the sound of Yikes!

From angsty goths to wholesome Christian families and old birdies nattering- the Y Factor has got it all. Their video counterpart is a hilarious take on UK series like Gogglebox and X Factor with a feature from the very legit Elton John (it’s totally him, we swear.) Overall it’s a fun, tongue in cheek video that offers a light-hearted escape from today’s chaotic society.

But don’t let the hilarity wash you over, the lyrics do harbor some brim takes on reality and have deeper meanings than just crazy old ladies. Watch and listen yourself below:

Speaking about the new track the band shared “On the one hand it’s a bitch at the faith people install into the idea of fame and a social commentary on the X factor/The Voice generation. The ‘Heaven will be accessed via infamy’ mentality.

On the other hand, it’s a throwback song to the days when those shows were in their prime chipping away at the industry. We took these ideas as the bones and used them as a template to invent our own Y!KES branded reality TV show via the lyrics and video.”

“The imagery (for the music video) was inspired by 80s esque Netflix shows. The TV addiction culture has transcended to the streaming addiction culture so we wanted to capture the look of shows such as Stranger Things, Black Mirror, etc in the lighting, grading, stage and costume design.

We drew influence from comedy shows we grew up on such as Phoenix Nights, The Mighty Boosh and The Young Ones. Our mate Andy does an incredible Elton John impersonation (‘Elton Gone’) so we instantly had to get him involved when we decided on the video concept, it added this bizarre and equally hilarious presence to it all.”

Elaborating more on the stark contrast between their previous track,  ‘Uncanny Valley’ to their latest upbeat anthem they share “It’s a mega different tune! All the singles are set to be unique. We’ve got a dance song, a ballad and a straight down the line rock anthem currently set to be released in the coming months.The idea is to show everyone the breadth of what we can with these songs and videos before moving on to something much more definitive and undiluted.”

Most importantly the video was missing the presence of one unofficial (but totally official) member aka their bear who featured in the Uncanny Valley video. The band explained his absence in this and even have a name for the mystery bear-man.

“He is Bear Frills, he went to the University of Bearmingham and he lives in Bearwood. He’s also now on Facebook and Tinder for you guys to chat with and is now the face of Y!KES clothing. He’s doing well for himself, so we might let him be in a couple more videos doing his thing. You shall have to wait and see!”

More to come from Y!kes soon, stay tuned here to find out.



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