There’s always been something of a crossover between hip hop and heavy music, dating right back to the Beastie Boys and everything in between, from Limp Bizkit to Linkin Park, from Kid Rock to Rage Against The Machine; some have invariably done it better than others, but that connection has always been there; that desire to meld rap with rock, punk or metal. Now get ready to meet ‘trap metal’. Technically, the genre’s actually been around for a while. Ghostemane’s been doing this sort of thing since 2015, but with the recent rise in so called ‘emo rap’, interest in the melding of metal and trap has grown.  

“I try to pull from as many places as possible to keep my music refreshing and not stale…”

The latest rising star is Bristol based artist The Well Runs Red. Mysterious and somewhat secretive, TWWR hides most of his facial features in his press shots and hasn’t revealed his real name. Musically, he takes his influences from all over the place. “I try to pull from as many places as possible to keep my music refreshing and not stale,” he told us. “Big influences to me are Marilyn Manson, Korn, Deftones, Slipknot. I love listening to what other people are doing that’s similar, like Ghostemane or Scarlxrd, but I try not to focus too much on it, as it’s very easy to end up writing the same stuff. When I listen to artists outside the box, that’s when I feel I get truly creative!”

He dropped his debut full length album ‘Alone We Wither’ last week, made entirely on “a home set up. Laptop, krk’s, audio interface etc. I did everything, I’ve found it extremely rewarding to do all of the production myself. It allows me to completely strip & rip tracks apart and re-work everything.” It’s an amalgam of different musical sounds and styles and while you’re definitely able to hear his aforementioned influences, the record is also “inspired by a lot of sci-fi and futuristic themes. Stuff like Ghost in the Shell and Bladerunner. From what I wear, to the music, I want to give out an almost science fiction vibe.”

“I want to give out an almost science fiction vibe.”

“My Bristol headline was a great success,” he enthused. “I’ve got more stuff lined up…

Following on from the release of the album and the success off his Bristol headline show, The Well Runs Red is planning further gigs and is already working on a second album to be released later this year. “The metal/rock scene generally likes my sound but for a lot of people it is still a bit of a new concept, even though crossovers like this have been done before,” he mused, reflecting on what makes rap and metal work together. “I think it’s the energy. In a lot of rap you’re making a statement and I think that’s true in heavy music as well.”

‘Alone We Wither’ is out now.





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