Ah Knocked Loose, we’ve missed you.

It’s been a quick minute since Knocked Loose triumphed hardcore with their debut LP ‘Laugh Tracks’ that smashed them into the ballpark of success over the past three years.

But it’s time to enter a new era of Knocked Loose, and in a surprise turn of events, they literally just dropped a new ep… like today and it’s INSANITY. ‘Mistakes Like Fracture’ marks a new venture for the Kentucky group and of course it followed with a spinetingling video that harbors a lot of deeper visual meanings that link back to it’s emotionally paralyzing lyrical counterparts.

Many fans who commented on the video noted that the band has taken an even heavier direction with this track which could promise a more interesting future for Knocked Loose. Watch ‘Mistakes Like Fracture’ below:

Knocked Loose spoke to us back in late July 2017 following their cover feature issue and expanded on the future of their sound saying:

“We’ve talked a lot about it, potential directions we want to go, things that we wanna do differently now. There isn’t a deadline now, but it’s something you’re thinking about all the time, we’re just trying to figure out where it’s going to go.” 

“There’s definitely people that expect it, we have people asking us all the time, it’s definitely been long enough now to where people are hitting us up… it’s expected from everybody else sooner than later, I just tell people we write when we have time, it’s very hard to find time, our headliner ended two weeks ago.” 

Check out ‘Mistakes Like Fractures’ below:



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