Ah Grayscale, not a day of normality in your world huh?

Grayscale’s new single is really word-of-mouth, or rather, word-of-mail-in-tiny-pieces-of-paper type of thing. The band has apparently been mailing fans pieces of paper with teasers of their new song on it, which has got to be the most inventive way to drop a single that we’ve ever seen.

The band tweeted ‘Grayscale AA‘ which stands for their exclusive All Access club that allows members benefits like early access to merch, exclusive photos and more. Fans signed up to the AA club began to check their mail and found tiny pieces of paper inside.

However, these pieces of paper weren’t just- oh you know, pieces of paper. Inside the envelope contained a piece of paper with a password on it that unlocked a preview for a brand new song.

From tweets by fans who received the brief letter, it appears the song is either called something along the lines of ‘Madison’ or ‘Painkiller Weather’- either way, exciting!

But in the land of all things Grayscale, this is just another weird thing to add to the list of weird things they do, like staging the departure of their drummer Nick Veno for a music video, because its Grayscale. 

More updates to follow!



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