This year we’ve decided to bring you the ULTIMATE new music playlists, genre by genre.

Co-hosted by some of the BIGGEST bands, record labels, festivals, radio presenters, influencers and MORE, we’re kicking off This Is Hardcore with British outfit, BLOOD YOUTH. 

Check out their track listing below and listen to the playlist HERE.

Angel Dust – Big Ass Love

Turnstile – Generator

Vein – Virus://Vibrance

Code Orange – Forever

Higher Power – Can’t Relate

Incendiary – Front Toward Enemy

Jesus Piece – Curse Of The Serpent

Trapped Under Ice – Backstabbed

Big Cheese – Pass The Buck

Insist – Gaining Ground

Candy – Good To Feel

Culture Abuse – Dip

Narrow Head – Bulma

Gouge Away – Only Friend

Warheads – D2V

Revulsion – Dirt



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