RATING: 7/10


QUEASY, Manchester’s very own funk/rock four piece, are set to release their highly anticipated self-titled EP on March 29th 2019. The buzz surrounding their recent recordings, and explosive live performances, has certainly attracted the band much attention. Following their debut music video for the track ‘Build A Wall’, QUEASY have quickly earned quite the reputation as an extremely exciting new emergence within the scene. Combining mosh-worthy breakdowns and dancefloor-worthy choruses, the QUEASY sound is both infectious and unapologetic; an explosion of energy and talent throughout.

The funk-rockers have put together three unforgivingly catchy tracks to make up their debut release. Track 1, ‘Jackdaw’ is an emotional outburst against abusive and dysfunctional relationships in which the band hopes to “convey a message to anybody that finds themselves in a bad situation, to liberate themselves.” While the opening track clearly stresses an important message, its seriousness does not take anything away from the dancey funk/rock anthem that it is. Remaining driven throughout, the song’s overall vibe screams ‘I’m not gonna take it’, an attitude that is intensified by vocalist Jack’s impressive performance, fierce guitar riffs and driving drums: an explosive funk gem.

Fast-paced, heavy and funky all packed very tightly into three fantastic, very well produced tracks”

‘Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes’ is another powerful addition. Right from the off the relentlessly catchy guitar riffs burst out at you and will stay in your head for hours. Jack’s vocals again are excellent and his impressive power and range are really on show. The track is dark and enigmatic with quieter moments contrasted against passionate screams and crash heavy drum fills.

‘Sunshine’, the third and final track on the EP, is the most melodic and heartfelt out of the three. With its catchy pre-chorus’ and relentless breakdowns this is a stand out song on the EP. The track begins with a dark, echoic first verse showing the bands softer side, and builds up to a massive breakdown, then back into another melodic second verse that again builds and swells up to an even bigger breakdown as the song comes to a close. Taking a step back from previous tracks, ‘Sunshine’ showcases QUEASY’s ability to create different rhythms and depths within their music. This band definitely cannot be constrained within one genre.

All in all, ‘Queasy’, is a short but sweet first attempt. Fast-paced, heavy and funky all packed very tightly into three fantastic, very well produced tracks with amazing vocals, heavy funk riffs and driving rhythms. Catch QUEASY at their launch at Jimmy’s in Manchester on March 29th.






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