RATING: 8/10


Salt Lake City’s Problem Daughter have a knack for belting out trashy punk anthems and the band have been plying their wares for the past decade, racking up countless shows and honing their tightly executed punk rock songs augmented with a catchy pop edge to them for the same amount of time.

With the benefit of a few album behind them, Problem Daughter unleash their latest album ‘Grow Up Trash’ and expand their sound even more on this new record, adding in even more aspects of melody but loading it with punk attitude and overall it has to be said that it is jam packed with ten songs of punky anthems expertly executed in their delivery.

bags of energy complemented with some snotty and snarled vocals”

‘Grow Up Trash’ starts off with the call to arms of ‘Pocket A Sand’, which cranks up the energy almost immediately before morphing into a groovier monster but catchy at the same time. This opening salvo is followed up immediately with ‘Mercury In Retrograde’, which is a little more discordant and not as faced paced but as the opening number but still has bags of energy complemented with some snotty and snarled vocals, which is typical of the Problem Daughter sound. The brilliantly titled ‘Take A Walk On The Mild Side’ is up next and actually sounds anything but mild, this song is packed full of passionate vocals and choppy riffs and adds a biting humour to the bands music.

‘Jagweed’ follows more of a standard pop punk template and bounces along nicely but is usurped by what is up next in ‘Self Amusing Smile’, an initially downbeat tune that explodes into something much more anthemic and triumphant and if there was a song on this album that was ready made to be played live, one to make the crowd go absolutely nuts, then it’s this one. Reminiscent of great bands like Screeching Weasel and Lagwagon, the song is catchy but with an edge and is without a doubt the centerpiece of Grow Up Trash. The knowing snarl Of Lancaster has the unenviable task of following that up but does it well, with its Rancid-sequel attitude and this one just flies by in a flash of punk vivacity.

“a record that is perfect for fans of gleefully catchy punk”

‘A Bastards Hope’ continues that punky vivacity before penultimate track and another ready made anthem in ‘Tired About It’ crashes through with its brilliant singalong chorus. ‘Gin + Mio’ finishes the album off in style with a thunderous finish, encompassing the Problem Daughter sound into into its duration perfectly.

With all of the songs in the album clocking in under of around the three and a half minute mark, there isn’t any chance to get bored at all and they all pack in the same amount of energy and ideas in that time. With ‘Grow Up Trash’, Problem Daughter have captured the sound of their energetic live show and in doing so have made a record that is perfect for fans of gleefully catchy punk ala the majority of Fat Wreck bands but also for the upcoming summer months, energetic and humorous for sure, but also wistful at times and most of all packed with loads of zest and a palatable lust for life.






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