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Releasing a set of such sound-altering remixes is not a common event in the alternative rock genre – mostly because the electronic collaboration with rock is now a mainstream occurrence in recent years – but when it does happen and it does drift away from the established sound the band has worked on, it can shake a fan and confuse a new listener who is going between the original recordings and the remixes. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work.

London-based group Good Tiger took this turn when they came up with the concept with the remix EP, ‘Redux’. The EP’s release is their own way of celebrating one year since the release of their last album, ‘We Will All Be Gone’, and takes five tracks from the mildly successful record to change them up and make them nearly unrecognisable but in an interesting way.

Taking away its rockier edge but keeping the depth and emotion”

This point is made from the first track; the official redux of the song ‘Such a Kind Stranger’. Coming across as a more mellow tune with a steady beat, it opens the EP with a warmth and soothing feel. It sounds not too dissimilar to other alternative tracks in the charts at this moment, bringing in more synthesised elements and switching out less electric guitars – so it can be expected to be a chart hit. ‘Such a Kind Stranger (Redux)’ was released as a single by Good Tiger, giving everyone a sneak peek of this slight detour in the band’s musical chronology, and the reception has been greatly positive thus far. Taking away its rockier edge but keeping the depth and emotion that gives a song its love and longevity, ‘Such a Kind Stranger (Redux)’ was a respectable choice as a lead single. But can it be the same success for the other four tracks?

The EP also features a remix of the ‘We Will All Be Gone’ track ‘Float On’, which follows a near exact path as the ‘Such a Kind Stranger’ redux before it. The only difference between the two is the ‘Float On’ remix feels more connected to its original rendition from the 2018 album. Remixed by electronic enthusiast and guitarist Jake Bowen, ‘Float On’ shakes up the mellow melody into something more people can get up and dance to; rather than lie down and chill.

Steering away from its alternative origins to become an electronic hit, it nearly overshadows the ‘Such a Kind Stranger’ redux but instead, flows as a smooth sequel rather than an upbeat opponent. The listing was adequately thought through, one may believe, with how well this order is working.

“The remixes are transformative and bring out a new, previously undiscovered side of the band”

The EP concludes with an acoustic rendition of ‘Salt of the Earth’. It acts as an unexpected yet welcome change of pace, closing the record with another softer song that eases the listener out the same way they were eased in. In a different manner than a remix, hearing an acoustic rendition of a song can change how one may feel about that song, or about the band altogether. This version of ‘Salt of the Earth’ may hold that ability; it can work to Good Tiger’s advantage and express their versatility in being able to strip down their tunes to simple strums and bare emotions. Versatility gives the band a greater chance of lasting in this industry if they can use it right – so here’s hoping.

The one downfall the group must have considered is how there can be a mixed reaction to remix EPs, especially among fanbases. There is brutal honesty when it comes to fans’ reactions to brand new music from their favourite acts – this is not a new nor uncommon concept – and the reception with new content can make or break a record.

The remixes are transformative and bring out a new, previously undiscovered side of the band, so there is evident hope for the success of ‘Redux’. There is potential that this sound could be the direction Good Tiger start trekking in within the next string of records. Perhaps that is the secret truth behind the production of this record? If so, secret’s out! Good Tiger has a long journey to go in the music industry – the unexpected is to be expected.





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