Today Post-rock newcomers LONESOME have unveiled their debut EP, To Myself, From Myself, arriving to worldwide listeners 26th April 2019. In celebration of the news the band have dropped a new video for their latest track In The Heart You Have’ exclusively via the Dreambound YouTube channel.

Speaking about the new video the band have said “Really, the video takes up the core theme of the album: that dark feeling that’s always lurking inside everyone. Some people learn to deal with it and some people let it get on top of them. We want to leave it open for interpretation, as it will always mean something different to every individual person.”

Their forthcoming release-To Myself, From Myself—is a concept album. It’s a letter written in a positive state of mind to a younger self, referring back to a point in life where the reader felt trapped and struggled to see a future for themselves. The album arrives 26th April 2019, pre-order here.



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