The internet almost lost it in excitement and confusion when Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and  Pharrell Williams were snapped together in a recording studio, lighting a fire of speculation that the two may be working together.

Contain your excitement because Barker has confirmed that he is in fact working with Pharrell on the upcoming Blink-182 album.

In an interview with Front Row Live Entertainment he confirmed that John Feldmann is also involved, but additionally, they’re working on the album with Pharrell and producer duo The Futuristics.

“So Feldmann has been working on the record, but I’ve also been doing a lot of writing at my own studio and then bringing it to Feldmann.” 

Travis continues “We’ve also worked with Pharrell on the new Blink album. And we’ve also worked with this other producer The Futuristics which is a team – so it’s kind of anything goes.”

The drummer already revealed that the new album would be out before warped tour this summer, so we can expect new music very VERY soon.



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