Hailing from the North East of England, Starve to Survive have just released their second EP,  Have Me To Waste. We spoke with the nu-metalcore band about their latest release, as well as the growing scene in heavy music.

Speaking about the new EP, vocalist James Freeman described how the release mainly reflected on what was going on during the time they were writing and how they overcame it, saying “Some of us felt disheartened about the realities we had to face. Having a more darker approach to writing really nudged us on to mature lyrically and sonically.”

“Some of us felt disheartened about the realities we had to face…”

As commonly known, music can be a way to express yourself, and heavy music is one way in which some artists use to express aggression, particularly during performance. However, although the music does help the band express themselves, they prefer just to enjoy writing heavier music instead of just forcing their emotions into their music. When it comes to performance for Starve to Survive, the band work even harder so that their performances are as immersive as possible. “We constantly try to better our tracks live than heard on the original release” James says, adding that the band work a lot on their backing tracks and attempt to change up the crucial sections heard in the original tracks.

When speaking about the scene for heavy music in the UK, James speaks about how grateful he is in regards to the UK is turning heads towards the North as it’s given his band, along with others, the chance to express what they’re about. Furthermore, he adds that “a dynamic change to the progressive metal sound has also been brought to the North”, since a lot of bands are becoming heavier in a diverse form. This goes against the common problem with more and more bands coming into the scene, as you’d expect it to be hard to have an original sound. But Freeman says that if bands should develop sound in their own way once they’ve found a starting point, it adds diversity as this signifies their own artistic capabilities.

“a dynamic change to the progressive metal sound has also been brought to the North”

As the Northern scene grows, it’s important for bands to support each other and Starve To Survive were helped by Liverpool based band, Loathe, in particular Connor Sweeney, who helped produce their record. James described the process of recording “a breeze” and recommended Connor to any bands who want to progress their sound. Additionally, in terms of growth, he believes that it is built on support and also believe that any band in any position should support and help upcoming bands. He also added that it is important to not only support bands in your local scene, but to support bands from across the country as it can help boost your appearance overall.

With the heavier, commercial movement that’s happening at the minute, Starve To Survive point towards bands such as Code Orange who they believe kick started it. The growth of the new heavy scene in the UK is fast rising, and Starve To Survive are a band to keep an eye on, especially with what they have planned for 2019.








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