Drawing inspiration from “Horror movies, 90’s video game aesthetics, real life tragedies, and shocking stories”, Moralslip aim to revel in the truly malevolent and disgusting. Going on to explain their future releases take cues from societies ugliest moments they reveal, “our upcoming record is all based around the Jonestown Massacre and Heaven’s Gate.”

Dropping on the 1st of March, the hardcore outfits second EP is being pushed through eerily grotesque found footage style videos, perfectly in keeping with the band’s horror aesthetic. “We design everything in house, so from an aesthetic side of things, we are heavily influenced by late 90’s Japanese computer games, horror movies, designers such as Neville Brody and magazines such as Ray Gun.”

our upcoming record is all based around the Jonestown Massacre and Heaven’s Gate.”

“The upcoming 3 track concept EP has been in the works for a while now… with the slight line-up changes and evolution in style, we wanted to get something new out as quickly as we could.”

“Even with all the advancements in recording, we like to keep it real,” the group continues, assuring that despite their time behind the desk their performance hasn’t lost an ounce of its ferocity or bite. “If we can’t do it live, we won’t put it on the record… we want to be at the top of our game for both aspects.”

With their next release set to be heavily written around concepts and ideologies to “keep the content fresh and help inspire more creative writing”, MoralSlip’s initial effort was far more intimate. “Our first EP was based on more personal experiences …I was dealing with some personal struggles and wasn’t quite a self- destructive guy.”

“If we can’t do it live, we won’t put it on the record…”

Hailing from Stoke on Trent, the guys are no strangers to the familiar grind that comes with any creative industry but make it clear they are not ones to be corrupted by the ugly, narcissistic mentality these artistic circles will inevitably breed. “It is a decent little local scene, but there aren’t many bands that leave”, the lads assert, “some people may say it is over saturated but we all agree that the more musicians, the better. It’s great to be able to socialise and meet like-minded individuals”.

As for the year ahead, the guys plan to continue cutting their teeth, “Keep gigging, do a few weekenders and tours and start working on our next record.”

Catch MoralSlip’s second EP on the 1st March!










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