UK based hardcore band Modern Error had a stellar 2018. Releasing several tracks and music videos over the course of the year, the band has created a solid foundation to build from for 2019 in anticipation of a new EP. In the midst of a crazy recording schedule, Modern Error found some time to chat with Discovered Magazine and talk a bit about what’s to come.

For many bands, it takes years to gain even a significant amount of exposure. But for Modern Error, that trend need not apply. “I don’t think we have stopped to think about it.”, they told us when asked how they handle the newly (deserved) attention. Continuing with, “All we are concerned about is giving as much as we can to the world. We are a band of introverts and purely concerned about how to craft the next piece. There is too much focus on validation from others these days, be focused on yourself and your own art.”

“There is too much focus on validation from others these days, be focused on yourself and your own art.”

The band released ‘Separation Scars’, the debut track from Modern Error’s upcoming full debut EP release, ‘Lost In The Noise’, at the tail end of 2018. The single has been met with much acclaim, and a music video for the single was unveiled shortly after. “The reception of Separation Scars has been incredible,” Modern Error says on the release of the single. Seeing people react and invest themselves into a song is all we ever want.” Talking about the video, the band says, “Making [the] Separation Scars music video was very rewarding. The video idea was to show the separation of a self and different aspects of the songs but all in separate vignettes and scenes in our surreal world.”

There’s a common theme within Modern Error’s writing, often referring to the imperfect nature of humans. “It’s quite evident in the works and its definitely progressed from something very internal, but I feel it’s human error or tragedies of the times.” Going on to elaborate a bit more, “no matter what, your personal experiences will play a part in creating something, so the idea of applying that with the knowledge of it happening whilst referring to things bigger than my own world is addictive.” When asked if Separation Scars had any underlying meaning, Modern Error offered a theme relating to the overall EP, “to ‘Kill Self War’.

When not busy working in the studio or writing new material, Modern Error has a diverse portfolio of other interests. “We are your photographers, your filmmakers, your designers, your producers and your artists.” The band even filmed the Separation Scars music video themselves, going on to explain further that, “Being filmmakers and creatives ourselves, this is hugely important that we have full creative control on our projects.”

For many bands, the image of themselves can make a lasting impression on their listeners, and Modern Error feels no differently. “Image is as important to us than all the other aspects of a band”I, but adding, “Though we do not where specific brands or anything.

“no matter what, your personal experiences will play a part in creating something”

Talking about their local scene and upcoming bands, they say, “There is little near to where we are based, and the ‘scene’ shut down years ago.” It’s clear they didn’t let the lack of a scene hinder themselves. However, they did mention one up and coming band to be on the lookout for –  “Our bassists brothers band ‘Resolve’.”

With only a few months left until the band graces us with ‘Lost In The Noise’, Modern Error shared a bit more info about it. “Lost In The Noise’ is a compilation of all our works in physical form, this will also include another progression of our sound and renditions of some songs, that show them in a different light.” Delving a bit further, the band says, “this is our debut ‘full’ release. It shows the progression of Modern Error from the start to now. Each stage of this EP differs from the last.

2019 is shaping up to be an even more exciting year for Modern Error. With a new EP, tour, and more to come, there is a lot to be excited about. With all of that, the band had some final thoughts. “Loathe, Parting Gift, Poisonous Birds, Resolve, God Complex, Lotus Eater, Lebrock, My Only, Holding Absence. Take Part.









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