With 22,000 Spotify streams following the release of their debut single last year, 2019 looks set to be a breakout year for the  Orlando emos, Magnolia Park. Speaking to Discovered on the back of unleashing their second single, Desperate, drummer Cobus Ellis says: “The support we’ve received so early on is astonishing, and I assure you we are not slowing down anytime soon.”

Formed simply as a result of friends wanting to play music together the lads have always been involved in musical projects. Lead guitarist Freddie Criales explains how he, guitarist, Tristan Torres, and Cobus have been friends for a while before deciding they wanted to start a band. Tristan met vocalist Josh Roberts through different musical projects, then finally recruiting bassist and vocalist, Dylan Turner. Despite their differences in musical tastes, the five piece come together to create a unique sound that is melodic, emotional, energetic, catchy, and hopeful. “I do think our differences come out when we write music together,” says Freddie. “Scott’s metalcore influence really comes out in the way that he drums. Also Josh’s vocal melodies sound a bit poppy at times, which adds a nice flavour to our music.”

“Failure is a part of the process.”

Cobus admits that it’s taken trial and error to reach where Magnolia Park are today. With a history rooted in previous bands, each member has had to hone their craft independently.

He says: “Failure is a part of the process but in the end what we’ve learned and what everyone has brought to the table has really helped put this project where it is and will only help us grow.” The hard work has truly paid off with Patience being featured alongside tracks by the likes of Taking Back Sunday and NOFX on a Spotify playlist created by Pure Noise Records. “To have the honour of having any song let alone our first release alongside huge names in our genre and big inspirations to us is extremely humbling and really gives hope to what the future holds.”

That future looks exciting in the year ahead, at least. A debut EP is expected to be released in March or April, produced by Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Neck Deep). Freddie believes that Wade has taught them how to write better songs by cutting out the fat of unnecessary sections to produce the best sounding song. He adds: “I learned that when you’re tuning your guitar you want to have it be just a little flat and not right on the dot of the tuner, which was a pretty cool trick.” The EP also looks to be taking on a similar theme to the singles. Desperate is about losing yourself in trauma and Freddie explains that one of the new songs, Pumpkin Eater is about being in a toxic relationship and the negative effect it had on the person that was being abused. “My message to the world would be to never give up. Once you give up, the world begins to consume you.”

“My message to the world would be to never give up. Once you give up, the world begins to consume you.”

Magnolia Park have certainly achieved a lot in such a short space of time, no less than opening for Like Pacific and ROAM on the Hopeless Noise Tour and twice for Belmont. Proving that fans can expect a show that’s packed with energy and a fun time, Freddie says: “We got a wall of death at one of those shows which was pretty funny.”

Following in the footsteps of fellow Floridians including New Found Glory, A Day Remember and Against Me!, Magnolia Park are on the right path. While they aren’t direct influences musically, it’s showed what’s possible and inspired them to push and never give up. With the support they have already and more shows, tours and projects in the works it’s definitely a case of watch this space. Cobus says: “With the reaction ‘Patience’ got and what ‘Desperate’ is already showing to have in store we are even more excited to show everyone what we’ve got waiting, 2019 will be our year.”



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