In today’s politically charged climate is impossible to escape facetious agendas plaguing our society. Artists feel especially motivated to vent their struggles with our current political state through their work and Saint Apache is a prime example of a band breaking the glass ceiling in the UK for targeting issues that we often gloss over.

Today the band have announced their third E.P. Black Days arriving 22nd February 2019, as well as premiering the latest track from it with paired with a ferally-energetic video for ‘Tory Man.’ The rowdy video explores the band’s artistic and political ideals: “This is what we are about as a band: inequality, media lies, the double standards of those who rule us, and the legalization of cannabis… These are the things we shout about. And when we come to perform, we explore them.”

Check it out for yourself and watch ‘Tory Man‘ below:


Black Days is a strong 4-track EP, pieced together by tracks fueled with energy, anger, and conviction based that reflect bigger issues in our world. The new EP will carve a darker direction for the band and highlight their range from the speed and undiluted energy of Amongst Vultures, the big driving guitar work and aggressive vocals of The Shameful, to the almost hypnotic hooks and rhythms of Strive to Survive, then the slow and heavy politically-charged Tory Man.



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