Pop-punk female outfit Not Ur Girlfrenz have begun their 2019 takeover with the exciting arrival of their lyric video for ‘Friends Or Memories’ taken from their 2018 debut EP, ‘New Kids In America.’

‘Friends Or Memories’ follows from their previous hit singles ‘Warped’ and ‘No One Asked You Anyway.’ The band are taking this industry by storm being newcoming youngsters to the profession with their eldest member, Liv Haynes being only 14.

Yet they’ve already captivated audiences across the world and bagged crucial supporting spots with the likes of Jarred Redick of Bowling for Soup. 

Haynes explains a bit about their debut EP, New Kids In America:

It’s a little pop, a little punk, and a little alt-rock all mixed together! It reflects the journey we’ve been on as a band and is FULL of variety. We didn’t want to corner ourselves in what we “sound like” because we just write and play what we feel. There’s a song here for everyone!



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