Last night the 62nd Grammy’s award show took place to honor the talents of mainstream talents, including a few familiar faces from the rock world.

However, during their ‘In Memoriam’ section dedicated to honoring artists that passed away last year, Metal fans across the world grew increasingly upset to find that Vinnie Paul, hailed the ‘drumming god’ of Pantera who passed away last year, had been excluded from the tribute.

Pantera has received four Grammy nominations but Paul’s tribute was still excluded from the on-screen memorial. However, himself along with other artists XXXTENACIONXXX, Shelley, Hutchison, Young and Swift who were also snubbed from the television broadcast were listed in the longer memorial posted on The Grammy’s website. 

Metal fans were still not happy and felt that the acclaimed “drumming god” deserved a higher acknowledgment than just having his name on a list. Pantera carried out their years of service for heavy metal since the early 80’s and arguably helped pushed metal onto a mainstream platform alongside Black Sabbath and Slayer. Their devotion and innovative style helped shape metal’s growth into the 2000s and shouldn’t go unnoticed.

The Grammy’s are yet to respond but sound off below and let us know what you think!



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