The UK heavy music scene seems to be at an all time high, and Northern newcomers, STARVE TO SURVIVE are right at the forefront of it.

Disgustingly heavy vocals, and breakdowns that could cause the very ground beneath us to split, their newest single, Dismal demonstrates just why both this band and the UK are about to blow open the world of metal on a gigantic scale.

“Dismal is essentially chapter one. A fresh induction and an energetic jumpstart for the band, which exemplifies what we have kept in hiding for a very long time now.” Describes the band when asked about the dark concept of the new release. “It essentially represents some of the personal struggles we have dealt with over the last few years, yet justifying the growth in what we have achieved, and what is yet to come. Dismal is our renascence.”

Check out the video NOW EXCLUSIVELY on Discovered.



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