Starting out in Nottingham then making the sensible decision to move up north, death metalers CHAINSAW CASTRATION are now based in Manchester and last year dropped their new EP ‘Doping The Void’.

Having played shows up and down the country, they have some big plans for 2019 including putting out their first full length album, which according to them is “set to be an 11-track concept about eastern spirituality and DMT and shit”.

‘Lysergic Guttural Death’ is how you’ve previously described your music…

Jack (Boaden, Guitar): Lysergic Guttural Death for life. I love psychedelic stuff like Hendrix, Earthless, and Liquid Sound Company, but Dripping from New Jersey are one of my favourite brutal death bands, they play this amazing mix of weird, sporadic death metal and psychedelia.

Luciano (Avendano, Bass): It’s more a statement of a desire to work with the more weird and dissonant elements of death metal and hardcore, to help build up an atmosphere that makes it more than just an assortment of chugs and blasts.

What would you say sets you apart from other ‘heavy’ bands?

Jack (Boaden, Guitar): I think there are too many bands playing slow, seeing who can write the sickest variation of the same four-note beatdowns, and that’s fine, but riffs are better. Our latest release was us pushing ourselves to be faster than others in the UK scene.

” I am a cyborg sent from a time in the future where death metal is so fast only computers can listen to it.”

Lewis (Candlin, Drums): I am a cyborg sent from a time in the future where death metal is so fast only computers can listen to it.

What is the difference between your live shows and listening to one of your records? Do you believe in putting on a memorable show?

Jack (Boaden, Guitar): Energy is everything. The Chariot and The Dillinger Escape Plan are two of the best live bands ever, hands fucking down.

Luciano (Avendano, Bass): There’s so much more life and energy you can breathe into a song in a live setting. Everyone in the band is bouncing off one another as well as the audience too. A memorable show is a must. If people can’t remember your set despite watching you play then you’re doing it wrong.

Sam (Taylor, Vocals): One difference is there’s mosh calls at the shows haha and we usually slow the mosh riffs down a lot. I think Death Metal a lot of the time can be a bit too serious and I’m not really like that so I try to make people laugh as well in-between songs if I can. The shows we play usually consist of people shouting about murder and other grim topics for like five hours so I try an lighten things up a bit if I can haha spread joy where you can.

What would you say your local music scene was like in both Nottingham and Manchester? Any up and coming bands and artists you think we should be looking out for?

Sam (Taylor, Vocals): Manchester has some really great bands for death metal and also for hardcore too! Capital Punishment are a brilliant band from Manchester and recently dropped their debut album, definitely a band to check out. I don’t really know much about the Notts scene as I’m not from there but one band I love from there is Built Upon Hatred. One of the hardest UK bands in my opinion. Cracking live and the tunes are fantastic. They cover Waking The Cadaver too which I think is always a plus and they’re really nice lads.

Luciano (Avendano, Bass): In Manchester it’s quite varied. There’s a good hardcore scene whether it be beatdown or grind. Check out: Gorehead, Drug Vulture, Gurnel Gaddafi, Hoax, Pivorapist, Brainshit.

Jack (Boaden, Guitar): In my experience Manchester has always been amazing and Nottingham has always been kinda hit or miss.

Lewis (Candlin, Drums): Manchester has a strong music scene! So many amazing live bands such as AFTER THE ABDUCTION, CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, MORTAL SHIFT, GOREHEAD, PIVORAPIST. The Manchester metal community is strong, everyone knows each other, and it’s a total matesfest during most all-dayers.

“The Manchester metal community is strong, everyone knows each other, and it’s a total matesfest during most all-dayers.”

Who designed your band logo?

Jack (Boaden, Guitar): Dorian Escober from Columbia. He also did Ghostmane’s death metal logo apparently! And the logo for our friends in Agonal Breathing. His work is amazing, properly brutal shit – if you play in a death metal/core band and need a logo definitely hit him up.

You’ve done plenty of touring in the past too. What has been one of your most memorable experiences from being on the road?

Jack (Boaden, Guitar): I will never, ever forget playing with Kastrated in Switzerand in 2016, and then playing with them again the day after at Slamming Brutality Vol. IV in Germany alongside Condemned and Extermination Dismemberment. Love those boys.

Sam (Taylor, Vocals): The first time we went to Europe playing shows is my favourite time from the band so far. We went over with our friends in Colpocleisis (great Brutal Death Metal band from Liverpool). Our first show was in Amsterdam and then we had one free day before the next show so we spent it in Amsterdam. We did all the usual touristy stuff and got very, very, high. Space cakes are wild.

Lewis (Candlin, Drums): Our European tour with Colpocleisis was a time I’ll never forget. There were moments where we were crying with laughter, it was absolute lads on tour, also completing the whole of Metal Gear Solid on extreme mode in a van with 8 lads… productive times!

Your EP ‘Doping In The Void’ came out last year and you had a great reception to that in terms of sales. What was the overall feedback from people like? And how hyped were you over the response?

Sam (Taylor, Vocals): I think most of our fanbase really liked it, which is great! This was my first proper release with the band so I was quite nervous about its release as all the previous stuff was with our old vocalist Lennon (from the USA). I saw the odd comment about people saying they prefer the older stuff with Lennon, which is fair. The sound of the band has definitely changed from the more Deathcore sound on our previous material so I can understand why some people may not like the change. I definitely feel like the majority of our fan base really likes DITV and likes the new direction we’re heading in. We as a band definitely all prefer the new brutal death metal sound that we’re going for.

Jack (Boaden, Guitar): It’s been crazy, we’ve been invited to play a lot more headline shows, and we have very nearly sold out of the 2nd press run that we did.

Luciano (Avendano, Bass): It’s always nice to see people hyped over something you put so much effort and stress into. They seemed to really dig it and we can’t wait to give them more!

Lewis (Candlin, Drums): The feedback was great and it has led to some amazing shows with some really sick bands, Doping In The Void pushed us to the next level and the fans definitely let us know that they enjoyed it.

” It’s always nice to see people hyped over something you put so much effort and stress into.”

Your full length album is due out this year. Is there anything you can tell us about that or is it all top secret? How’s the recording process going?

Sam (Taylor, Vocals): Well it’s no secret that we’ve been saying we’re working on it for ages, which is true we have been. We just kept changing our minds about what type of sound we wanted to aim for and really trying to perfect everything we put into it. We’ve been promising it since like 2015 now and we really don’t want to half arse anything on it. We want it to be the absolute best it can possibly be. We have lots of riff ideas and a few unfinished songs. We promise we are working on it and not messing around haha.

Jack (Boaden, Guitar): We are trying very, very hard to get it out for this year but it’s gonna be a busy one. Needless to say we will hopefully release a new track sooner or later. We have started debuting new material live. All our old stuff is on Spotify for people to check out as well, but we expect our new sound to be a distinct departure from our roots.

Luciano (Avendano, Bass): It’s still heavily about the writing at the moment but we’re coming up with more stuff each week, it’s just about putting it together and being happy enough to push the big red button. I can safely say it’s going to be different to anything we’ve done but still building on the foundations we laid down on DITV.

Is there any other cool stuff you have planned for 2019 that you can tell us about?

Jack (Boaden, Guitar): Last year we played 11 shows. We begin 2019 with 12 shows booked and plenty more in the pipeline. Europe with Capital Punishment. Small weekender with Dygora and Coprocephalic Mutation.  Everything else is a secret for the time being.




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