RATING: 7/10 


WARS’ fans everywhere that have been heinously starved of music are about to stuff their ears silly as the band are set to release their new EP ‘As Within /// So Without’. This EP however, only four courses long, seems like merely a taste of what the “new era” has to offer for WARS fans.

The first aperitif off the new EP was released way back in the midst’s of May 2018 in what they call their “new era”- ‘Little Death’ has since amassed nearly 80,000 hits on Spotify. The next tease, ‘In A Mirror, Dimly,’ was released at the end of September and enjoyed its first spin on the Radio One Rock Show. The single has since reached nearly 100,000 streams and with figures like these, it’s hard to deny that the band’s fan base is ever- growing.

“merely a taste of what the “new era” has to offer for WARS fans.”

The four track record is said to be based around the “theme of the inner workings of the mind working in tandem with one’s outward reality”. In fact the title of the EP is an eponym to a quote by Hermes, the Greek god of transitions and travel. Vocalist Rob Vicars explains: “Some of us come to live with this constant monologue in our minds, one that berates us, and tells us we are not good enough over and over till we barely hear it any more. And even though we may not recognise it, that tumult is reflected onto the things in front of us. When all we feel is hell, hell is all we see.”

The first track ‘Scorn and Fidelity’ opens with distant-sounding, reverb rich riff that creeps seamlessly into Rob Vicar’s vocals. The track builds momentum and you can’t help but feel the urge to move with it. It’s a solid start to the EP but still allows room to manoeuvre with the other tracks.

‘Little Death’ begins in much the same way as its predecessor but the fusion of Vicor’s screaming and Barnard’s melodic vocals is really what sets the track apart. It’s easy to see why this was chosen as the first single off the album.

The third, is a slow burner, but by the chorus becomes the type of track that’s going to cause utter carnage at the live shows. “I’ve met the enemy, it lives inside of me”- I imagine the crowd chanting before a colossal pit ensues- a real soundtrack to broken bones.

“has the potential to sound incredible live and shows the band’s applaudable evolution…”

And finally, ‘In A Mirror, Dimly’, really showcases the band’s ability to branch out beyond the realms of hardcore. With a guitar riff that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Royal Blood album and screaming vocals that borderline on rap at one point, it was a refreshing experience and arguably one of their strongest songs to date.

‘As Within /// So Without’ has the potential to sound incredible live and shows the band’s applaudable evolution from their first EP And ‘So The Sea Will Claim Us All’ way back in 2015. Vicars displays considerable lyrical ability in these four tracks and generally speaking the band demonstrates a real talent for creating a cohesive and dynamic set of tracks. In terms of hardcore, it hits all the nails on the head and then drives them down into the floor, that being said, we really only see a teaser of just how diverse this band can be in pushing the limits of this genre.



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