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Staying strong in the ever-changing music industry is never the easiest of tasks; keeping fresh, exciting, and pleasing the fans in the meantime can be demanding enough for most bands. Many, after five or ten years, may be so greatly different to how they were from their early days and have risked losing devoted listeners and even the most hardcore of fans. Reaching twenty years of working as a successful group is nothing short of amazing – and that is why praise should be rightly given to New York’s own Taking Back Sunday.

It’s not been an easy journey for the band, but reaching this milestone has proven that they have done something right over the years. And something right definitely includes the music that brought them to the attention of music fans all around the world. That’s what makes ‘Twenty’ the most appropriate celebrating of two decades of Taking Back Sunday’s art and success.

“Reaching twenty years of working as a successful group is nothing short of amazing.”

‘Twenty’ is a compilation of 21 tracks by the band; 19 of which are previously released tracks from all of their previous studio albums, with the last two being previously unreleased tracks, ‘All Ready To Go’ and ‘A Song For Dan’.

‘All Ready To Go’ was released prior to ‘Twenty’, and can be used as an example of where the group are and the sound they have perfected and succeeded with. As a band that rose to fame throughout the 2000s as part of the alternative/emo scene, many music critics were watching them. It’s been hit-or-miss for bands during this decade, with very few sticking to their successful sound and going into newer, different directions. If ‘All Ready To Go’ proves anything, it’s that they’ve stayed true to the style that made them loved among fans in the first place and have stayed the course. A detriment to some acts; an advantage however to this one.

With the power and emotion so strong in this most recent track, it demonstrates security within the band in how they work together and the work they are producing and giving to the fans and the listeners worldwide. The emotional tones multiply for the album’s closing track, ‘A Song For Dan’.

“‘Twenty’ can double as a tribute to the band’s livelihood for the fanbase and a starting point for newer fans.”

The title alone indicates that this piano-led ballad is a more personal, heartfelt track, and is a striking contrast from the record’s opener, the fan-favourite 2002 track ‘Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team)’. There are lyrics inferring to death and mourning throughout the track, with the line, “If I could reach you, I would” being repeated nearing the end of the track. There are themes of regret, heartbreak, and a yearning to go back and change the past; such as from the lyric, “It’s too late to say goodbye”. It’s not a song that one can easily listen to and move on. It’s one that requires time, thought, and thorough attention – as some of the best tracks from Taking Back Sunday do.

With a compilation consisting of a mix of official singles and favourite album tracks, all the way from 2002’s ‘Tell All Your Friends’ to their last studio release ‘Tidal Wave’, in chronological order, ‘Twenty’ can double as a tribute to the band’s livelihood for the fanbase and a starting point for newer fans.

Taking Back Sunday have had a long enjoyable musical journey and it’s not over yet. If they stick to what they know and embrace the music they are passionate about, they are destined to be a band for the ages.

Here’s to twenty years more.




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