RATING: 7/10 


Over the course of six tracks, San Francisco outfit More Than A Moment create a vast and varied soundscape crossing multiple genres, emotions and grooves on their debut EP ‘What Goes On Behind Closed Curtains’.

Starting off with the instrumental ‘An Introduction’ then bursting into ‘They Say Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day’, we’re treated to fast paced guitars, screams, and melodic emo-ish choruses. It has that retro My Chem/early Panic type vibe and that’s a sound that continues throughout the EP, especially on things like ‘Flying Over The Universe At Fifteen Miles An Hour’ and ‘I Wish You Looked At Me As Much As You Looked At Your Cellphone’ with typically long FOB style emo song titles and a classic old school 2000s throwback sound. There’s nothing particularly new about these tracks, but they’re well done and catchy, and perhaps these guys will be the ones to bring this type of music back in style again.

As well as this kind of old school emo thing they’ve got going on though, the band bring in other influences and styles to create a true cross section and an overal enjoyable and fun collection of songs. ‘Death & Other Species’, for example, explores some heavier sounds and a more metal influence with aggressive screams and Bring Me The Horizon type anthemic choruses, the vocals haunting and at times delicate as they soar over the melody with minor notes juxtaposed with the chords in a way that seems to work.

“The EP is a whole auditory experience, best enjoyed loud and through headphones late at night.”

In terms of songwriting craft, it’s clear these guys know what they’re doing, and they’ve certainly constructed a well thought out EP with a variety of songs that all connect seamlessly into one another with no gaps in between the tracks, further creating that soundscape cinematic effect. The EP is a whole auditory experience, best enjoyed loud and through headphones late at night.

The most original and interesting track on the record is probably final song ‘Kill Me If I’m Still Awake At 6AM’ which breaks out into an electronic synth instrumental break just after the two minute marker, bringing in some EDM dance vibes before breaking out into thick post-hardcore and metalcore heaviness with gruelling screams and thundering drums which finally drop out to silence, ending the EP.

For a band just starting out on their journey in the music industry, this is a great start and although not entirely original at times, is an enjoyable listen and will be interesting to see where they take their music next and how they develop and hone their sound as they progress through their career.




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