RATING: 7/10 


Alt-rockers, Breathe Atlantis, are back and better than ever with their new album, ‘Soulmade’, out January 25th 2019. As their previous album, ‘Futurestories’, has already demonstrated, the German newcomers are without a doubt one of the most promising additions to the scene at the moment, and their newest effort can only bring them higher praise.

Combining R’n’B inspired vocals, catchy choruses and electronic elements with a hard rock sound reminiscent of bands such as Issues and Pierce The Veil, ‘Soulmade’ is a stand-out performance from BA. With their third studio album, the quartet presents their new mature, well-rounded sound whilst still delivering on what fans from all around the globe know and love. The production of the record is excellent thanks to producer Dan Korneff who has previously collaborated with the likes of Paramore and A Day To Remember, further adding to the overall solidified BA sound that the new album gives off. Working with such an experienced producer has clearly enabled them to blossom musically and experiment, no doubt earning them an even wider fanbase as a result.

“without a doubt one of the most promising additions to the scene at the moment”

Right from the off this album exudes emotion. For vocalist Nico Schiesewitz it was important to “approach this project more deeply and in a more personal fashion… [t]he lyrics have 100% come straight out of my soul” – and it shows. The appropriately titled album begins with the highly emotive and honest track ‘My Supernova’ in which Schiesewitz opens up about feelings of hope and desperation, kicking off the album to a strong start. This track is also the first single off of the album and for good reason. What stands out, in particular, is the passion in Nico’s vocals; they really are the glue that holds it all together. To follow is ‘Cold’, an unbelievably catchy, dancey hit. If you were to sum up this band and album with one song it would be this track for sure, making it the perfect choice for the album’s second single release. ‘Fall’ is an all-round fast-paced, hard-hitting song packed with passion and emotion and will be a crowd favourite, particularly for fans of Bring Me The Horizon. Making use of backing ‘oh’s’ and rougher vocals plus electronic and dark pop elements this track gives off huge BMTH vibes.

Next, ‘Spirit’ follows on with more pop melodies and catchy hooks, another song to get the crowd on their feet. BA admit this is one of the “most pop tracks on [the] record, but it’s also one of the [catchiest], resulting in [them] using the odd four-on-the-floor kick and the outstanding melody of the piano.” Contrasting the upbeat pop feel of previous tracks, ‘I Think It Isn’t Fair’ shares an incredibly emotional tribute to a lost friend and is by far the most emotional song on the album. “The lyrics were written after my best friend passed away in 2017”, says Nico. “This was the hardest time for me, effecting the undertone of the whole record [… and] this track is dedicated to him and stands as a last clarifying dialogue, which I wasn’t able to have.” With their final song ‘Everyone Else’ Breathe Atlantis go all out, finishing on an epic high, drawing you in with a massive chorus. For BA, it’s “one of the strongest songs on the entire record – it puts across the important message that you have to keep on track no matter what comes your way.”

“a diverse compilation of emotional tributes, punchy rock songs and dancey crowd pleasers”

All in all, ‘Soulmade’, is a diverse compilation of emotional tributes, punchy rock songs and dancey crowd pleasers. With its honest lyrics, catchy hooks and fine-tuned production, Soulmade is Breathe Atlantis’ best work yet and the future is certainly bright for the quartet.  The band themselves are very eager to see where this new path will take them, “We’re very eager to take the next big step in cooperation with the Arising Empire family. Much excitement and anticipation for our forthcoming collaboration!” Bassist Jan Euler adds: “There is no greater feeling than showing the things that you have worked hard on for so long.” Following the release of ‘Soulmade’, Breathe Atlantis will head out on a big European tour with Swedish label mates Imminence.





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