Employed To Serve are back with their new forthcoming album ‘Eternal Forward Motion’ set to be released 10th May via Spinefarm Records. In honour of their new release, the band have dropped a new single ‘Force Fed.’

Speaking about the new album frontwoman Justine Jones said “It’s one of our personal favourite songs, and it has a little bit of everything on the album, so I feel it’s a good representation of what to expect. We also love playing it live.”

Here’s the full tracklisting for their new LP below:

1. Eternal Forward Motion
2. Beneath It All
3. Dull Ache Behind My Eyes
4. Harsh Truth
5. Sore Tooth Twin
6. Force Fed
7. We Forgot You
8. Suspend In Emptiness
9. Reality Filter
10. Owed Zero
11. Bare Bones On A Blue Sky



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