The UK has become a hot bed for huge rock anthems over the last 12 months, but whilst the city’s scenes are thriving in London and the more major cities, ramming out the clubs, and seeing masses of new bands filter through, like any sub culture, the best diamonds are well and truly hidden in the rough – or in this case, Lincoln. For this week’s #NewMusicMonday we chat to Project Redshift about just how the UK revival is coming from one of the most unexpected places in Britain right now.

First off what a lengthy name! Where did it come from? Is there any particular meaning?

Josh (Tunnicliffe, Guitar): “When we first started the band, it was about 4 weeks until we decided we needed to name the project we were working on. Pete told us he had been keeping the name ‘Redshift’ for his solo project – but decided it worked better for the band. We all liked it because of the science behind the word, and personally for me it related to the song by Enter Shikari! Our group chat then became ‘Project Redshift’, and when we realised that there we already a band called Redshift, we just decided to stick with the Project!”

You hail from Lincoln (well it’s your nearest scene). How do you feel the scene has changed over the years and how has it affected the band? Positively or negatively?

Josh (Tunnicliffe, Guitar): “I feel like the scene has progressed massively over the last few years, and I’m now hearing about more and more bands than ever before. I’m a big fan of the community value of the music scene here, and how bands will always help each other out – we often see members of other bands at our shows, and make the effort to go to theirs. The music scene in Lincoln is rising, and we couldn’t be happier!”

“It’s unreal for us how much has gone into the crossfire and we truly believe its one we can get places with…”

Do you feel sometimes without playing in a major city such as London or Manchester that you’re limited?

Josh (Tunnicliffe, Guitar): “I do and I don’t. I feel that we would always love the opportunities to play in these cities, but I also think we’ve been given a huge number of opportunities, big and small, in our home county, that it’s hard to say we’re limited. Hopefully it won’t be long before we get the chance to play in these cities anyway!”

How important is it not just for music fans, but also the bands, promoters and other people in the scenes themselves to actually go out and support their local scene?

Josh (Tunnicliffe, Guitar): “I actually cannot stress enough how important this is. It’s such a special moment for us when we spot new faces at our shows, and see people we’re familiar with from the local scene. The truth of it is, if people don’t support local music, the entire music scene will eventually just die – and that’s sad! The big bands we know and love only got where they are because of people supporting their local scene, and if people didn’t do that, they wouldn’t have gotten there!”

Having only released your debut single last year, how do you feel the last 12 months have defined you as a band?

Josh (Tunnicliffe, Guitar): “The last 12 months have been massive for us as a band. We’ve come on such a way and we’re all incredibly proud of ourselves, and the fans who have been with us from the start are loving what we’re doing at the moment. Over this time, we’ve managed to define our live set and our sound much more, and we’re so happy we’ve gotten where we are. We’ve received so much support from so many different areas and it’s helped push us to where we are now!”

“I can definitely say we’ve exceeded!”

When you set up this band what were your aims and goals, do you feel you’ve achieved, and also over achieved any of these yet?

Josh (Tunnicliffe, Guitar): “We originally met on the fantastic, so the band was entirely joined because of a love of the same music. We just wanted to make music together and have fun – anything else was always just a bonus. Personally I’ve been wanting to do this for years and never had the chance, so to see how far we’ve come now is absolutely insane to me. A goal for me was just to release music and play shows, which I can definitely say we’ve exceeded!”

Your sound is simply HUGE. What has influenced you sonically?

Josh (Tunnicliffe, Guitar): “Thats what we go for so it’s great that you think that! Three of our biggest influences collectively are Queens of The Stone Age, Royal Blood and Foo Fighters – three bands who have massive sounds. To be able to have a sound that’s as big as it is, is just phenomenal, and if you think our current music is huge – just wait until you hear our next single!”

We were talking to The Xcerts the other day and they said being experimental with your influences seemed to be cool again. Do you agree with this? You mentioned when we worked with you that you took influence from bands such as U2….

Josh (Tunnicliffe, Guitar): “Personally, I really have no opinion on whether it’s cool or not. That’s not what bothers me! I get influenced from absolutely anywhere, and I think it can be small minded to limit yourself by sticking with the same thing. I listen to all types of music, as do the other guys in the band, and I think it’s important to remember that just because we’re a rock band, that shouldn’t be the only place our influence comes from!”

Pete (Thickett, Vocals/Bass): “I like to say we love to note our influences and its great when they come through to other people coincidentally. I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t change music tastes, but adds to it, so you may notice some different basslines that you wouldn’t usually hear in rock music.”

How would you actually define the sound of Project Redshift?

Josh (Tunnicliffe, Guitar): “When asked what sort of music we are, we almost always say ‘hard rock’. I think we’re a straight up rock band, and as I mentioned in the previous question, we get our influence from so many places that it’s hard to say exactly what we sound like. I would say we are for fans of Lower Than Atlantis, Royal Blood and Fall Out Boy, but we’ve heard that we sound like so many bands that it’s just hard to say!”

Finally you’ve achieved A LOT in such a short period of time, so what do the next 12 months hold for the band?

Josh (Tunnicliffe, Guitar): “In January we have a single coming out which we’re all insanely proud of. It’s called Crossfire, and we couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out. Before the end of next year we’re hoping to get around a number of different cities around the UK and hit some festivals over the summer. Hopefully we’ll also have the chance to get some new music out before 2019 is out, too!”

Pete (Thickett, Vocals/Bass): “We would hope to get more national and further exposure for our current released tracks by introducing more of our crowd by releasing more tracks. Keep nailing in on what we feel works and what sounds more “us” and keep working with fantastic musicians, promoters, venues, sound people and any music lovers we come across on our journey. It’s unreal for us how much has gone into the crossfire and we truly believe its one we can get places with. Strange to think this single has taken us around 3 months so far and will be 4 when we release in January, so we’d like to do it justice and get it to as many welcoming ears as we can. Plus our music video for it, done by Loki Films fits so well with the theme, it’s safe to say our current and future listeners will love it.”



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