Ah 2018. the year that the term ’emo’ well and truly rose from the grave and once more took over the airwaves. Whilst as always it means there has been an over surge of a niche genre, birthing hundreds of bands, if one band isn’t in it for the hype, but to put out anthemic sized singles that you’ll be screaming in the rock clubs at 3am, it’s Manchester’s HONEST EYES. 

Exclusively premiering their debut single, The Thing Is, with us here at Discovered, vocalist and guitarist explains that there is an even darker undertone to the trio’s first single. “Everyone at some point or another comes into contact with manipulative people in their lives.” He explains. “They can cloud your vision but eventually there comes a time where we have to take a step back and realise they aren’t who we thought they were. “The Thing Is…” sums that up for us. You’ve got to let go of the people that cause you grief and that’s what the song is about.”

Check out the single NOW!


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