RATING: 8/10 


Coming together just over five years ago in 2013, Wiltshire rock group All Ears Avow continue to be a band that live and breathe their work. Releasing their debut EP that same year, they have been busying themselves with writing, recording, and touring the United Kingdom and even branching out abroad in support of many rock acts over the years, including Decade, Verses, and Milk Teeth.

Skin and Bones’ is the band’s third EP release, and sums up the progress they have been making throughout 2018 with five songs that round up the sound they had been practicing and perfecting throughout the last five years as a collective.

“a band that live and breathe their work”

Title track ‘Skin and Bones’ brings the listener’s attention to the wonderful use of guitar from the start. The power is strengthened when vocalist Claire Sutton comes in, and there is more often than never this unique effect softer-toned vocals can have when paired with heavier music such as that one will find within the rock genre. Sutton’s vocals are soft, as found with many female vocalists in the genre, but accentuate the great power that the track already holds. Her vocals will be one of the EP’s highlights – despite being the stereotype of what most listeners will notice first from listening to a new band or new music – and the range she will showcase proves that ‘Skin and Bones’ is the most fitting introducing track and most fitting to hold the title track place on this release.

With listeners, both old fans and newcomers, being treated to a catchy alternative song, they are prepared for what the rest of the EP has in store.

‘All Your Pieces’ starts with a heavier vibe but does not stray too far from the tone set by the last track. It is the most energetic track out of all five, and show the influence behind their work. It is reminiscent of previous work by fellow British band You Me At Six, who the group have praised in the past – listing them on their Facebook page in “Artists We Also Like”, for example. Giving a similar vibe such as the songs found on 2017’s ‘Night People’, there is audible proof that All Ears Avow took inspiration for their sound from other acts but giving the music their own magical twist still.

‘All Your Pieces’ would be an upbeat tune that can cause an audience to lose their minds in the best way, and can definitely be considered mosh-worthy at shows.

“All Ears Avow have displayed their hard work and passion showcasing a fleshed-out and clear-cut direction they wish to tread in”

The final track, ‘Fake’ begins with immediate instruments and vocals, and has the duty of ending the listening experience with the same mania and excitement it started with. Once again, the band put out a song that expresses the influences they have taken in; but in a fused manner. ‘Fake’ comes across with a similar sound and structure to the tracks found on Paramore’s 2007 studio album ‘Riot!’, but takes in a slight vibe as found on the group’s most recent album, ‘After Laughter’. The overall sound is more akin to the rock genre, as with the preceding four tracks from ‘Skin and Bones’, but still contains a softer sense that ends the EP with an atmosphere that is not too tense, yet not too gentle. A musical balance that works for the band.

From start to finish, All Ears Avow have displayed their hard work and passion showcasing a fleshed-out and clear-cut direction they wish to tread in. With ‘Skin and Bones’, the group were able to treat listeners with a glimpse into what the next year will be treated to. Perhaps the sound of a future album?

2019 will be beautifully surprising.





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