Yes, that’s right, emo kids. Christmas has come early, in the form of a brand new festive single from the saviour of the broken, Gerard Way.

Featuring Regrettes frontwoman Lydia Night, the new single, entitled ‘Dasher’ is out RIGHT NOW via Reprise Records on all your usual music platforms.

Gerard described the track as being “about a girl who falls in love with a reindeer. The reindeer thinks she’s pretty great too. They have adventures, they talk about life. The song is also about the magic sometimes hidden in the mundane.” A recent issue of Doom Patrol dealt with the issue of a girl falling in love with a cat, so we’re not surprised by the unusual subject matter. Standard Gerard. And considering our hero’s been up to his knees in comics and Netflix adaptations recently, we’re pretty honoured that this is our third single off him in as many months and hope there’s many more to come.



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