Today the internet flipped it’s head when news broke that Threatin, fronted and run by Jered Threatin, had run a alleged ‘sold out’ UK & EU tour with 300+ advanced ticket sales that actually turned out to be a complete lie with no one showing up to their events, costing support bands embarrassment and travel costs for nothing and leaving venues with extra stock bought out for no one.

We spoke to Coventry rockers The Unresolved’s drummer, Adam Gostick, who supported Threatin on their latest UK dates in The Asylum, Birmingham, to ask them what they thought about being promised 150 people but were just left with an empty room.

      The Unresolved and their very real fans who actually bought tickets to their shows

Q: Did you ever meet Jered before hand? If not, what kind of contact did you have with him and did he ever raise any bells that made you think “this dude… this dude is weird?”

Adam: “We got and email from a Casey Marshall of StageRight bookings offering the gig. He was bogged up which was a bit weird but we just thought they were flexing a bit. There was also little promotion leading up to it. And we got alarm bells when we was sent free tickets to give out 4 days before the show.”

Q: What did you guys think when you showed up and no one was there?

Adam: “We were baffled when we got there. Threatin was a 4 piece and there was a woman who was managing on the tour as Casey is still in L.A.  When we played there was 10 people there who was all our guest list fans.”

Q: How does this make you feel about the way the music industry is heading if people can just get away with this, whether it be a prank or a social experiment, when it affects you guys who paid for travel and the venues who paid for extra drinks in for no one to come?

Adam: “It really annoys me and the rest of the band that someone is able to do this. As a band trying to get around and play gigs it’s difficult to get the gigs if promoters feel you have no pull. But then Threatin tours the UK and plays has no real following. It annoys me from a promoter point of view too as I work with a small promotion company so I know how hard it hits having night’s where nobody comes.”

The Unresolved is a Coventry based hard-hitting rock band that actually sell tickets and mean it. You can check out their music here





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