“Sometimes I’m so sick in love with you and never want to leave your arms. Sometimes I want to run away from you and never ever look back. You’ve given me so much and taken the same. I feel like you’ve taught me everything I know, but I feel like I know nothing because of you.

We walk through the thorns because we crave the roses. We swim through the storm with our hands tied behind out backs, refusing to give up on the dreams you fed us in our teens. What I would not give to never have to hurt my bones, clambering through a door to another one of your dingy bars with a bass and an amplifier ever again. What I wouldn’t give to be sure I wouldn’t miss you if I gave up on you.

“What I wouldn’t give to be sure I wouldn’t miss you if I gave up on you…”

I don’t want to sound ungrateful. Thats not it at all! Some of the greatest moments in time with some of the greatest company have been born on the small stages, beer-soaked carpets and and bathroom stalls of your venues. And I will never be able to properly describe the feeling of watching a choir of crows sing and dance to the songs you wrote with the only people in the world that really know and understand you. It’s just hard some times when the parade becomes too much, and all you want to do is march to the beat of your own drum. We don’t want to live and die on Johnston Street.

There is a lot of water to carry in the bucket on your shoulders. They expect you to appreciate the three free drinks and that your show won’t cost any more that $10. They expect you to say yes to everything because the experience is worth more than money in the pocket. They expect you to be an individual, but by their definition of what an individual should be and what their music should sound like.

“I want to wish you good riddance as much as I am already homesick…”

Your lovers want to throw flowers at your feet when you’re good to them. They want to throw tomatoes at your chest when they don’t understand you anymore. They want you to play by the rules, to be a part of a community of hearts that beat the way their’s do. But when your blood-type is different its easy to feel like an outsider. Thats until you realise that there are other’s with blood just like your’s and we become one. We are an army at war.

In a week I will board and plane to a place where I couldn’t be further away from you. I want to wish you good riddance as much as I am already homesick, and haven’t even left yet. It almost kills me to know how badly I’ll want to come back to you. You’ve got us shackled in chains of love. We are your plain white doves that you keep to amuse yourself. You know that even though you’ve let the lock off the cage, we’ll come flying right back to you.

You’re toxic. You’re cringe worthy. You’re fucking beautiful. I love you Melbourne. We’ll be home real soon.”

-Dan, Pagan


Nov 20 – London, Old Blue Last // http://smarturl.it/Pagan_London (FREE SHOW)
Nov 21 – Bristol, Mothers Ruin // http://smarturl.it/Pagan_Bristol (FREE SHOW)
Nov 22 – Manchester, Satan’s Hollow // http://smarturl.it/Pagan_Manchester
Nov 23 – Leeds, Key Club // http://smarturl.it/Pagan_Leeds
Nov 24 – Birmingham, The Actress & Bishop // http://smarturl.it/Pagan_Birmingham
Dec 01 – Hamburg, Molotow Skybar // http://smarturl.it/Pagan_Hamburg
Dec 02 – Cologne, MTC // http://smarturl.it/Pagan_Cologne
Dec 03 – Munich, Strom // http://smarturl.it/Pagan_Munich
Dec 04 – Berlin, Maze // http://smarturl.it/Pagan_Berlin





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