We owe a lot to Australia when it comes to giving the world fresh, new hardcore talent to enjoy. But while Endless Heights and their take on heavy music is without a shadow of a doubt fresh, they are not strictly speaking new. As a matter of fact, the Sydney based band have been paving their way in the Australian underground scene for the better part of a decade now. But, with the band recently touring overseas – not to mention their transcendent new album ‘Vicious Pleasure’ – the world finally seems to sitting up and taking notice of the band.

Make no mistake , there are not many bands who have the longevity and patience to the play the long game. But as Joel Martorana, lead vocalist of the band makes clear, that was never a problem for Endless Heights. “We are hardcore kids at heart,” Martorana starts.  “…and are happy to play to 10 people if that’s who our music resonates too. We don’t need big crowds to feel appreciated, and we just play music we love and try not to get caught up with any of the music industry games.

“We don’t need big crowds to feel appreciated…”

One of the things that makes Endless Heights so special is that they’re hardcore kids who embody that attitude, while playing non-hardcore music. Concerning this, Joel ruminates on how “Our dream shows have no barriers, stage dives and that community feel and charm to it. We are anti-rockstar in culture and approach, and are super grateful for any opportunity that comes our way.”

It’s this same mindset that manifests itself on the bands tightly-paced and invigorating release from this year, ‘Vicious Pleasures’. What makes this record stand put is how it doesn’t stick to one road when it comes to genre. “We’ve never wanted to pigeonhole the sound because we are a ‘cross-over’ band – we mix a few genres together”, Joel says about how the band tends to mish-mash their sonic influences. “To be honest every time we write, we are never quite sure where the music will sonically end up. I don’t really think sticking to a genre or labelling it a certain way will cause damage to a band – I just think for us personally, it’s something we’ve avoided as to not impede our own songwriting”

“It’s all just only sinking in!”

As a result of their hard work, the boys have toured the world supporting some of the most exciting bands in the scene and in turn, are building up their own momentum. “Most of us have never been to these countries”, Joel reveals “and its super surreal ticking off life-bucket list dreams by being in this band. I’m at a point in the year now where the touring is nearly over for now – and it’s all only just sinking in!”

The bottom line is Endless Heights embody what it means for a small town to work hard, pay their dues and truly be rewarded for. It may have taken them a little over ten years, but Endless Heights have properly arrived – and they’re not going anywhere.



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