Dear Seattle are making waves in Australia, with their infectious alt-rock and realism lyrical approach; littered with mocking and self-realisation. Hailing from North Beaches, Sydney, Australia, they bring a unique twist that is proving popular, as they continue to sell-out headliner gigs. They’ve previously released two E.Ps, ‘ Words Are Often Useless’ and the self-titled ‘Dear Seattle’, but recently they’ve been working on a full-length album, which has fans salivating in anticipation.

Brae Fisher (vocals and rhythm guitar) told us what to expect from it, “This album, while still introspective and self-deprecating and very sad at points, is more about my experiences throughout this last period of my life. The EPs are both much darker than the album. They were both written in tougher moments in my life and that rings through very strong.” A more positive approach to life moulding their new sound is exciting and it’s easy to get caught up in all the hype that surrounds the band’s life, so It’s warming to know that despite being signed to Domestic La La, and all the touring and media attention that they’re still true to themselves, Brae reassured us: “We only write because we love it. Our songs are always only considered from the perspective of: What music makes us the happiest when we create it? All we want next is for there to hopefully be more people out there who connect with.”

“if I get pissed off I tend to write, or if I’m over something and just sick of it that’s another go to.”

But what if you’ve never listened to them before? They have a definite ‘fuck-it’ attitude, which apparently comes from “being fed up with shit – if I get pissed off I tend to write, or if I’m over something and just sick of it that’s another go to. I try to keep it to a minimum, but I guess it still rings through.” They’re uplifting to listen to but still have a darker undertone and gritty edge to them. If you want to check out one song that defines who they are musically and lyrically, then it’s ‘Afterthought’ you want to check out, “musically it’s got such a balance of heavier moments, soft and intimate moments, and fun moments. Lyrically it’s very similar too, in how it has a nice balance of self-deprecation and introspection with the grit of that “fuck it” attitude haha.”

The band are beer lovers too, as you can tell from their Instagram accounts and music videos, so you can imagine all the embarrassing, dirty, drunk stories they must have. So let’s ramp up the embarrassment meter for Brae’s confession: “I fell asleep on the toilet one night mid shit at a mate’s place and woke up hours later, at about 6am, still needing to wipe.” Nice…That’s not the only tricky situation the band members have found themselves in either. They spend most of their touring days driving all around Australia- a HUGE country. So, a reliable vehicle is key to a successful tour. As most bands do, they turned to a van; unfortunately last year their van had a few problems and actually broke down causing trouble for them. Luckily, this year was different: “We literally just drove from Sydney to Adelaide today past the point where our last van blew up! Thankfully, there was no trouble this time. We’ve had good luck this year.”

“She smacked the hell out of me and my face was numb/ears ringing after the first one.”

You’d think that’s where the awkward and tricky situations end for them, but no, there’s more. Anyone who has seen the video for ‘Afterthought’ will know how realistic that bitch-slap sounded and that’s because it was ever so real for Brae: “It hurt like fucking hell man! In the lead up, I told Tahlia (Slap Deliverer) to not hold back whatsoever, because I was afraid it wouldn’t look real enough if she didn’t give it her all. Boy was I wrong. She smacked the hell out of me and my face was numb/ears ringing after the first one.” He assures us no other band members have been harmed in the making of other videos though, so that’s a plus for them at least.

‘Maybe’ is their latest kick-ass single, even though they would rather do what they love for pittance, rather than slave away on a 9-5 (expressed in this track) if they had some money they’d “still be doing the same shit, just with way better gear.” How rock n’ roll of them. They hope to bring their Aussie charm to the UK soon.




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