This is a callout for all female-identifying artists, bands and mixed gender groups- Rebalance wants you!

Rebalance is a pioneering programme launched by the giants at the Festival Republic which offers female-identifying artists, bands and mixed gender groups a platform for their talents and the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

With partners like PRS Foundation, the MFF, Record of the Day and Simkins, the programme is packed with once in a lifetime opportunities, such as: 5 days in a recording studio in Leeds with a top producer, a slot at a Festival Republic or Live Nation festivalother support from ReBalance partners to fast-track your career.

Some of the many artists that are recruited and supported by the programme are AE MAK, Mary Miller, Projector, Lazy Day, Magick Mountain, Maya Kally, Tamzene and The Van T’s.

For the first time partners will be running an open call ‘Expression of Interest’ form, meaning eligible artists should submit a music link and some basic info, then their experts will listen to your music and if they like you, they’ll invite you to the ReBalance programme.


The Deadline is tomorrow, Tuesday 6th November (11.59pm) so get cracking!



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