Polish-British multi-instrumentalist Luke Marzec has shared a brand new track including stunning visuals, ‘Move Forward In Our Lives’. Listen to the track below:

This follows the release of his debut EP ‘Chances’ earlier their year and arrives just in time for Marzec’s headlining show at London’s The Waiting Room this November 21st.

Discussing the inspirations behind the new track and visual, Marzec says:“When I wrote “Move Forward In Our Lives” it felt like I was describing a night I had shared with my girlfriend – an evening where we made peace; where we accepted our past with calm; left with pride and with love. Now, I know this evening of closure would only occur a year later. The song was a hope for closure, a fantasy of the strength we did not yet possess. This fantasy became a reality only a few weeks ago. We met one final time, we made peace and we said goodbye. Now, I can remember our times with fondness. The song has developed a new meaning. To me, it is a symbol of acceptance and metamorphosis. Though it felt like I was unnecessarily delaying the completion and the release of this song, it now feels like I had to wait for life to catch up with it’s prophecy.”




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