Bad Omens have announced their sudden departure from their tour with The Amity Affliction and Senses Fail due to conflicts between their spot on their tour and specifically, the size of their name on tour posters.

Taking to social media to break the news, Bad Omens said their reasoning for dropping out was down to “bullying” and “public dragging of their name in the mud” from Amity and Senses Fail it had “forced their hand.”

The statement goes on to detail how “certain assets” and “requests” from the band were “not honored” by the other bands and their managments. “After all of this and the tour still goijg live we did our best to remedy the sitatuon and to stay involved and we were met with total disrespect. we aren’t going to be another younger band that gets pushed around by older bands.” It continues “I grew up listening to Senses Fail and never imagined they would stimulate this kind of bullying or shaming over something so trivial- this unprofessional and ugly behavior is highly dissapointing. None the less we wish the bands the best on their tour and we apaologize to anyone we’ve dissapointed by dropping off the tour.”

Read the full statement below:

Senses Fail and The Amity Affliction followed with a statement that was short and simple: “We have to let you knwo that Bad Omens have pulled out of this tour. They were unhappy about the size of their name on the artwork and felt the need to pull out the day after we announced the tour. 

Both The Amity Affliction and Senses Fail are working hard to find a replacement and we look forward to sharing that with you as soon as possible”

Full statement below:

The supposed tour poster that caused all this drama looked something like this:

The news unresteled fans and industry friends alike, even Tyler from State Champs jumped in to share this:

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