Earlier today it was reported that Threatin, a band that appears to only have one actual member who plays all their instruments Jered Threatin, allegedly “scammed” a variety of UK venues when they’d promised to sell out shows with 300+ advanced ticket sales, but in fact they’d sold no tickets at all so no one showed up. But when you look deeper into Threatin’s content, i.e. his Youtube channel… things just get weird.

Venues hit includes The Underworld London, Rebellion Manchester, The Ivory Blacks Scotland and their most recent show in The Asylum Venue, Birmingham. The Underworld shared this statement on their twitter:

Support bands lined up for Threatin’s tour, who were also under the impression that they’d be playing to actual people, shared their distress of travel costs and making an effort for nothing.

But it all gets super weird when you start looking into Threatin’s Youtube channel and live performances, especially one of their tracks “Living Is Dying” has a somewhat questionable music video. We’re all up for conceptual art with deeper meanings, but seeing Jered spinning a canvas frame while he stares into your soul is just… uncomfortable.

You’ll notice in that music video along with the rest on the videos on their channel that Jered Threatin is the only member of Threatin, which isn’t too out of the ordinary when you’ve got bands like Panic! At The Disco at the forefront of music when it’s really just the genius of Brendon Urie behind it all.

But theorists have started to notice that in interviews posted on the band’s Youtube, it’s the same set up as the ‘Living Is Dying’ music video and there’s no-one asking questions, no background noise or any signal that there’s anyone else in the room with him, almost as if he’s staged the whole interview himself.

Yup! you guessed it- it gets weirder. When you looking at his live performances you can’t see the crowd at all, just someone’s hand that could be his tour manager or partner, along with what sounds like a generic crowd cheering that could have been ripped from any other tour video as he’s not unfamiliar to doing that.

In this video promoting his upcoming tour you can clearly see footage taken from other bigger band’s shows, and at no point do you see wider angle shots of him performing that would put him into the context.

Many people have theories that the whole thing has been fabricated by Jered, if his name even is Jered, but why? If this was a prank then he’d of lost money by still playing the venues, if it was a social experiment then what was the end goal, to get venues and bands to lose money running around for a non-existent ‘sold out’ tour? The music industry is entering some of its weirdest times.




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