Southampton has become a bit of a happening place on the heavy music scene in recent years, with bands such as Bury Tomorrow and Creeper making a name for themselves, and now, local lads Our Hollow, Our Home have unleashed their second full length album, ‘In Moment//In Memory’. Just like their debut ‘Heartsick’, the album is a complete DIY effort, the band continuing to operate independently, and run their own label Hollow Records. “It’s literally just us, our manager and the guy who runs our merch store,” lead singer and chief songwriter Toby told us. “We send everything off ourselves. We hand write all the thank you notes. Everyone who pre-orders the album…it’ll say who packaged their order when they open it, which I think’s pretty cool.” The pre-orders have been coming in thick and fast too. “It’s more than double the last album, so we’re blown away,” said Toby. “We have our own van and we’ve filled it three times over, the post office are gonna have an absolute meltdown!”

The album is an extremely personal one for Toby, and musically more experimental than their last, which he admits was a bit of a risk. “It would be very easy to stay in the comfort zone…but we didn’t want to put out Heartsick 2.0, we wanted to do something different. We had to take a leap of faith and say ‘we’re gonna develop our sound’.” The songs explore the themes of loss and grief, taking the listener through the varying stages, all inspired by the very real loss of Toby’s father. “I found out at Christmas time 2016 that my father had cancer. We’d literally only just put an album out and then six months later he passed away, so we were in no rush…but we were on tour and…I just started writing lyrics in the van.”

“We had to take a leap of faith and say ‘we’re gonna develop our sound’”

Toby admits the writing and recording process was a tough one at times, although ultimately cathartic and helpful to his healing. It’s something he wants to pass on through the music. “Everyone in their life will go through grief…and if this album can help one person on their journey through it, then that’s the reason we’ve done it. I want the message to be “yeah it’s hard, and you’re gonna have bad days, but you will get through the other side and it’s okay to talk about it and ask for help.” There’s too much stigma around mental health. Everyone should be able to seek help and help should be readily available to everyone who needs it…It’s really important that maybe someone will find solace from this record.”

The band are combining their album release show with their own ‘Holloween’ night, which has turned into a sort of mini festival down in Southampton. “Last year we sold out, the bands dressed up, it was really mental,” Toby enthused. “So this year, we’re doing it at a bigger venue, bigger stage, more bands. Hopefully it can continue to grow…we’d like to do two stages, or two days if we can. That’s the Hollow way – aim big and hope it pulls off.” And ‘the Hollow way’ certainly seems to be working out well for them, and expansion is something they’d consider applying to their record label too. “Down the line, if the band continues to grow to the point where we’re self sufficient and still have money left in the pot, I’d love to help bands who don’t want the traditional label deal anymore.”

“I’d love to help bands who don’t want the traditional label deal anymore.”

The band have some big plans for next year, including a UK/Europe tour and plenty of festivals but still remain humble. “We always make sure we keep our feet on the ground,” adds Toby humbly. “It could change at any minute. Fingers crossed we keep climbing the ladder but if it all ended tomorrow I could say that we did everything off our own backs with the support of the press who got behind us and the fans who were with us from the get go and those that joined along the way. I could never complain.”

‘In Moment//In Memory’ is out now.



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