RATING: 8 /10 


Nothing But Thieves has had quite an eventful past few years. With their full length deluxe album ‘Broken Machine’, a follow up to their self-titled debut album, finding overall positive feedback and a seemingly never-ending tour schedule with the likes of Muse and Awolnation; Nothing But Thieves has been anything but thieves. The band has gifted the world a new collection of music just one year after their sophomore LP dropped, giving us more of what we’ve come to love from this group. The long winded EP, titled ‘What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way’, presents four new tracks, including the single, ‘Forever & Ever More’.

Fans of the band will find more to love here and it’s a welcome addition to the ever-growing discography. For those who are unfamiliar with the band, this EP acts as a brief (14 minutes), albeit great introduction, to what has made Thieves a staple in the alternative market. The opening track, the lead single ‘Forever & Ever More’, opens bombastically and presents a sign of what’s to come for the rest of the EP, encouraging you to stick around. With a Muse-like guitar opening lick, this blues-ish style progression beautifully accompanies Mason’s vocals as he flawlessly shows off his range, moving from falsetto to his more angstier range during the chorus. The rest of the band shows off their own talents here, especially during the bridge section where you can hear the passion through each instrument. This adds a solid build-up to the final chorus and subsequent opening guitar riff.

“the band is showing their staying power, keeping true to themselves in an industry that easily sways so many young groups to quantity over quality.”

‘Take This Lonely Heart’ has a similar sound to their breakthrough single ‘Sorry’, and that is a great thing. Creating a track that slightly detours from the heavier guitar riffs and pounding drums, ‘Heart’ is an honest and satisfying addition that will have you belting along. Perhaps a reflection on Mason’s own views of fame and how it affected his mental health, the lyrics present a relatable look into his own experiences. Ranging from the intimate opening lines, “I feel younger everyday, the more I grow, the less I seem to know” to the more emotional chorus, where it seems Mason is speaking directly to the listener with lyrics, “I’ve got a message that you can’t ignore, maybe I’m just not the man I was before”. The track is one large buildup to the end. Starting with the aforementioned intimate opening, the song progresses to the first taste of the emotional chorus and doesn’t let off steam from there, ending with a dramatic flourish that shadows the lyrical content.

Nothing But Thieves is proving to be a fierce contender in the talented alternative market, releasing solid tunes on each subsequent EP and record. With this EP in particular, the band is showing their staying power, keeping true to themselves in an industry that easily sways so many young groups to quantity over quality. Thieves, particularly Mason, has been candid about their struggles with mental health and how fame has affected their music and band; a topic that has become less taboo in the industry as of late. You can see the impact fame has had on the band as a whole, the EP title itself acting as an example of this. Each song has hints of this theme, while simultaneously telling their own stories. ‘What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way’ is a great collection of songs that will fill the void between albums and be a welcomed addition to their live setlist, with a European Tour continuing through the rest of the year. By gifting us new music in the form of this EP, it’s easy to say that Nothing But Thieves sucks at living up to their name, and thankfully so.



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