RATING: 7/10 


Any heavy metal fan will be familiar with the legends that are Disturbed, and its hard not to be since they’ve been around since 1994 and have made and maintained their stamp on the genre throughout the past 24 years. Other than their four-year hiatus from 2011-2015 Disturbed have made seven studio albums each one complementing the previous, and now fans have been graced by the recent release of their seventh studio album, ‘Evolution’. Consisting of 10 tracks (the deluxe version having 14), it’s a perfect display of the sound Disturbed have mastered over the years.

Evolution kicks off with a song titled ‘Are You Ready?’, setting the tone for the rest of the album, almost asking their fans “Are You Ready for this album?” The answer of course, is a resounding yes! It’s a good, confident start.

“a perfect display of the sound Disturbed have mastered over the years.”

Track 3, A Reason To Fight is a smoother noted song with some soft guitars. The placing seems a little random as most heavy metal albums position the softer tracks at the end or middle, which means the build up so far is slightly diminished, but that’s put to rest by track four, ‘Another Time’. This one has throwbacks of Disturbed classic ‘Down With the Sickness’ by creating a similar vibe and feeling. Knowing that Disturbed can still demonstrate their signature sound is comforting and reassuring – these guys haven’t lost their edge in 18 years.

The construction of the track list for Evolution is every third then about every other song is a softer song. Arguably, it could be improved by placing all of the softer songs together as a sort of interlude or at the end. It might have helped improve the flow slightly but it’s a minor point.

“perfectly placed with the rest of the band’s catalogue of music. “

Track 11 – only featured on the Deluxe version – is a live cover of ‘The Sound OF Silence’ featuring Myles Kennedy, a perfect reflection of ‘Immortalised’, the previous album put out by the band in 2015, and a bonus for fans as they now get to hear the bleak yet beautiful cover in a live format. Deluxe seems more than worth the extra £3 retail price or the 12 minutes or so of the audiences’ time, if not for this cover track alone.

So, whether you are a die-hard fan or a casual listener you won’t be let down by this album. Give it a try or wear it out; this album will be perfectly placed with the rest of the band’s catalogue of music. Disturbed are embarking on a mammoth five-month tour beginning January next year, starting in San Diego and ending in Manchester, tickets are still available in a number of cities so if you want to see them live, check out their official website or dates.



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