Stand Alone are delightfully announcing details for their upcoming EP ‘Falling, Faster’ arriving November 30th, the will feature their latest single ‘Save You‘ and ‘Never Stand Alone.’

Frontman Gavin Stevenson is very excited about getting Falling, Faster out to all their fans: “I can’t wait for us to finally share this EP with everyone. It’s definitely the best material we have ever produced and reflects a big change within the band and an evolution of its sound.

It’s not been an easy ride. This material should have been with people way earlier and we butted heads to the point of killing each other but we got there in the end. We came out the other end with an ep we think is concise and shows us in our true light.

We are certainly better for it and it’s now time to move forward to the next level. See you on the road!”

You can watch the Stand Alone’s new music video for their recent single ‘Never Stand Alone’ below:



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