As the fifth anniversary of State Champs album ‘The Finer Things’ creeps around the corner one jazzed up fan made a cover of their track “Nothing’s Wrong” and it’s insane.

This isn’t just an ordinary cover, what makes it so so special is it’s been created by the scene’s leading Saxophone talent Saxl Rose. You may know him from his onstage appearances with Paramore and his features on Neck Deep‘s hypnotic track ‘In Bloom.’ But now he’s laying into State Champs with his signature “Sax treatment.”

You can check out his cover of “Nothing’s Wrong” from State Champ’sThe Finer Things’ here:

We’re excited to see what Mr. Rose does next, we’re hoping he delves into some Jazz breakdowns.

Knocked Loose but played on Saxophone, a concept. 



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