Post hardcore/Post rock mob Pleiades take a vast variety of influences from across music’s many genres and combine them into a truly postmodern sound, unlike even the bands they draw their inspiration from heavily. Hearing vocalist Andrew tell Discovered that “Deafheaven and Devil Sold His Soul are a large influence when it comes to the structure of the music. But letlive , Glassjaw and Mewithoutyou are bands that shape the sound of the band as well”. You’d not be wrong in expecting something, somewhere between the brutality of metal, and the melodies of bands like Deafheaven and Glassjaw with maybe some ethereal and atmospheric elements thrown in. Refreshingly however, Pleiades are a band that do away with what you’d expect from pretty much any other band, you can hear their influences in parts of their music sure; however listening to them there’s also so much more that the band have poured into their music, giving them a massive sound unlike many other groups.

“It has multiple meanings and identities and it was something which we wanted to apply to the music…” – ANDREW CALDERBANK

Even down to the name of the group the band diverted from the norm, “Pleiades is interesting to look up. It has multiple meanings and identities and it was something which we wanted to apply to the music. Pronunciation from people at first was a minor issue but its given us ideas we wouldn’t of had with a ‘safer’ band name.” The multiple meanings behind the word really does reflect the bands sound, something many bands don’t consider when giving themselves a moniker. The fact that most people would have no idea how to even pronounce Pleiades is also embedded within their sound, you can’t really put a definition on what the band themselves sound like.

“It gives the music a further dimension…”

While the band may still be somewhat young as a unit, they already have their sites set on how they want to evolve as a group over time. Andrew tells us how the band face the challenges they see themselves to have before them, “getting people engaged and interested is the greatest challenge a new band faces. So bands like Amenra who have a very bleak, black and white imagery, constantly changing as a backdrop and it gives the music a further dimension. We want to eventually attain that level of experience with our music.” Most bands like to take things in their stride as they come, and plenty of bands that go on to become renown worldwide follow these tactics, yet Pleiades are clearly suggesting big things of themselves with such grand aspirations and gestures. Only time will tell how the carrer of Pleiades will go, however, they are certainly ones to watch and if they can pull of what they’re setting out to achieve then they’re set to be one of Britain’s most interesting new groups.




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