Progressively Thrice is a band like no other.ARTIST: THRICE 



RATING: 8/10

Thrice – “Palms”


Whenever Thrice gets brought up into conversation, you can’t help but smile. The band who a few years back returned to our sound systems, showcasing what modern day Thrice is, and why we should embrace it. And that is exactly what we did, “To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere” got a critical response, adding another chapter to the band’s forever changing expanding catalogue. Now signed to Epitaph records, the band have now returned with the next era, “Palms”. Embracing the melancholy cocktail they’ve been drinking since they’ve returned to the limelight, the ten-track album seems to dance with catchiness and darkness effortlessly.

“Palms” is the naturally progressive second chapter in the band’s rebirth…”

Opening with the Stranger Things-esque synth line, “Only Us” seems to be the perfect opening track for the band. Slowly stirring and building up, as if it’s the prologue in an old theatre show, until further in the song when the Thrice we know and love come out and complete the song. Swiftly moving into the second track, “The Grey” jumps in straight away, flaunting it’s twangy lead guitar. As much as it sounds disjointed, it works in its own way, it’s own Thrice-like way even; and could easily fit in the previous album. “The Dark” is a song which the title tells you exactly what it is, starting with a slow ascending guitar lead, sounding like something from a cult chant, before the drums thunder in. It’s something you can imagine an old-fashioned puppet dancing to, entrancing the listener, before going into it’s huge chorus, something that this album isn’t short of in any way. Tracks like “A Branch In The River” and “Blood on Blood” follow the same macabre fashion, laced in the Incubus-like lead parts to be the cherry on top on the modern alt-rock pie.

Progressively Thrice is a band like no other…”

“Palms” is the naturally progressive second chapter in the band’s rebirth. Experimenting the song’s layering with the use of different instrumentation, making the band sound refreshed and still taking the listener by surprise so many years since they first came on the scene.

Progressively Thrice is a band like no other. Their sound has grown and matured with their listeners, not changing and running down off roads to ‘what is considered popular’, but growing what it is to be one of the most important bands in the world of rock music. If Palms is anything to go by, it seems that Thrice isn’t a band that will be disappearing into retirement any time soon, and even if so, records such as this will prove their ability to remain timeless. 






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