RATING: 9 /10 


The UK metalcore scene is on the crest of a wave, with the likes of Architects and Bury Tomorrow leading the way and Gloucester seven-piece, The Uncharted, are proving the future is bright with debut EP, Perspectives. The two vocalists, Arron Carter (clean) and Pete Lee (screams) combined with heavy riffs, breakdowns and melodic orchestral assaults, ensures a truly unique sound.

Essentially a concept EP, Perspectives follows an unknown narrator, searching for meaning in life, shifting through different perspectives on a journey of self-discovery. With Carter citing influences including ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World’ The Uncharted are not your average metalcore band.

The journey begins with ‘Deathdrive’, setting the tone for what’s to come with a dramatic electronic build up that drops seamlessly into heavy guitars and Lee’s guttural screams that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Killswitch Engage record. In contrast, Carter’s clean melodic vocals complement the heavier sound in a way that many of their peers struggle to pull off initially. Lyrically, the track is dark and despairing but gives hope for what is to come; “Now these skies have turned from dark to grey, I live in hope of finding a better way, a better way to live.”

“…dark and despairing but gives hope for what is to come…”

‘Catch 22’ has a lighter vibe, introducing strings and additional electronics, while keeping the heavy riffs. ‘Half Light’ and ‘Horizons’ continue to bring positivity as our narrator realises his faults, as both tracks see the talent of drummer, Jack Burch, come to the fore with his fast paced rhythm. ‘Vision’ is groovy, yet technically brutal, as our narrator is on the brink of the end of his journey.

The EP concludes with latest single, ‘Revival’, a high-octane track that intertwines all the themes of the record, as the narrator completes his journey to find meaning in his life. The soaring clean vocals of Carter once again complement the brutality of Lee’s and the heavy riffs combine with the electronics to close out the album with a bang. “We take the limits of our vision as the limits of the world” sings Carter and the limit for The Uncharted should be the sky.

“The soaring clean vocals of Carter once again complement the brutality of Lee’s…”

For an unsigned band to create a concept that represents what many listeners will almost certainly relate to in one way or another is some feat. The band have talked about doing a full concept album. Perspectives is the EP that will launch them into the ‘uncharted territory’ to achieve that.



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