Touché Amoré are planning to release a live album later this year.
After their widely successful 1000th live show back in February at Los Angeles’ Regent Theatre, the band will be releasing a recording from this titled ’10 Years / 1000 Shows – Live At The Regent’ arriving 2nd November via Epitaph.
The set contains 29 smashing hits and fan favourite tracks mixed by Converge’s Kurt Ballou. Their full setlist is below:
01. ‘~’
02. ‘New Halloween’
03. ‘Rapture’
04. ‘And Now It’s Happening In Mine’
05. ‘Uppers / Downers’
06. ‘Adieux’
07. ‘Steps’
08. ‘Just Exist’
09. ‘Pathfinder’
10. ‘Flowers And You’
11. ‘Negotiating The Charade’
12. ‘The Great Repetition’
13. ‘Art Official’
14. ‘Displacement’
15. ‘Cadence’
16. ‘Harbor’
17. ‘Palm Dreams’
18. ‘Home Away From Here’
19. ‘Amends’
20. ‘Banter’
21. ‘Benediction’
22. ‘Is Survived By’
23. ‘Condolences’
24. ‘Banter’
25. ‘Circa 95’
26. ‘Low Beams’
27. ‘I’ll Get My Just Deserve’
28. ‘I’ll Deserve Just That’
29. ‘Honest Sleep’
You can also check out the live performance of ‘Flowers and You’ here:


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