Reports from The Daily Beast have said that Pussy Riot activist Pyotr Verzilov, infamously known for invading the pitch at the World Cup game earlier this year, has fallen seriously ill in Russia yesterday afternoon with relatives immediatley speculating that he had been poisoned.

Verzilov fell into critical condition yesterday and was rushed to Bakhrushin City Clinical Hospital reportedly after the court hearing of fellow Pussy Riot activist Veronika Nikulshina who told the Meduza News that Verzilov had complained about losing his sight “then the ability to talk, then the ability to walk.”

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Pussy Riot member and wife of Veronika Nikulshina tweeted yesterday “Pyotr may have been poisoned. In the toxicology department in a very serious condition.” Even the official Pussy Riot twitter account spoke out about the incident, tweeting “hi. we need a contact of the best toxicologist, like the best in the profession. we need a consultation ASAP. It’s about Peter who was poisoned. thanks” they later followed up with “found a doctor. thank you.”
Friends of Verzilov told Meduza News that doctors believe he’d either overdosed or was poisoned by anticholinergic drugs, but Verzilo’s family have stated to Meduza they are “1,000-percent” certain that he didn’t willingly ingest any anticholinergic drugs.
He is currently in critical condition but his life is apparently not in danger, and he is slowly getting better.


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