Some might see a band that have been in the game as long as Terror to be past their prime, or simply just reprocessing the same sounds and ideas they’ve already released. That cannot be said for Terror however, Scott tells us “ You can’t try to make the same album twice and you can’t live in the past. For Terror, Keepers of the Faith is always going to be important to us but it’s time for the next move”. Terror is back with the rib-rattling Total Retaliation, their ninth album proves Terror still have a lot to say – all to a newer and heavier sound.

In 2010, fourth record Keepers Of The Faith pushed Terror into the stratosphere of hardcore and is still to this day one of the most recognisable releases from the band. Talking about the record’s success and importance, vocalist Scott Vogel says of the album, “That was a movement and it was a fun ride that in one way or another is still alive today”.

That was a movement and it was a fun ride that in one way or another is still alive today” – Scott Vogel

Following the release of lead single Mental Demolition, Scott tells us the inspiration behind the track lies in the world we live in today; “Look at the world we are living in. Look at how human beings treat each other and how greed controls all of us. The United States is a Fucking mess. We are so divided and it’s almost a fucking joke to take a look at America right now. It’s sad and sickening”. Hardcore has had plenty of names that have nailed their manifesto to the proverbial church door, and Terror is no different. But the world of Terror isn’t all doom and gloom, the band take pride in fostering a sense of unity within hardcore, aiding up and coming bands, Scott tells us the importance of doing so, “We have always taken younger hardcore bands on the road because they continue to inspire us and also keep us feeling young. We are very thankful for bands like Throwdown and Blood For Blood for taking us on our first tour and yes of course you continue the tradition”. Terror’s musical direction on Total Retaliation sounds to be influenced by contemporary hardcore bands with a heavier and more metallic edge to their sound that they have previously explored.

“We are so divided and it’s almost a fucking joke…”

While the prospect of a new record is very exciting for Terror fans, the announcement of various tours across Europe and North America will surely be some of the best news for fans in recent weeks. Scott talks about the importance of the live setting for the band, telling us “Connecting with the crowd in a club has always been Terror’s number one place for impact. I think in a live setting Terror’s energy touches most people in the room”. For a band that are so heavily rooted in the world around them and the passion they play with – the raw energy bleeds out of the band as they play, truly creating the best way for fans to indulge in their art. And the band are grateful to have the opportunity to perform as their careers – “No matter if we are playing in the smallest , dirtiest club or a festival with 20 thousand people Terror has always kept our heads level and appreciative of the support we have. I think that’s important.”

“we are just hardcore kids that have lasted through many cycles.”

Terror have been a band for a long time, but what has ensured their longevity aside from keeping their music fresh, is just how anchored within hardcore the band are. Scott tells us as the band have aged, “at the surface the HC scene is the same. The energy and essence is still here and always will be”. In terms of Terror in the Hardcore scene he tells us, “I think people see us at shows we aren’t playing, supporting other bands. See us still having fun and living this lifestyle. We never needed a gimmick or a ‘look’, we are just hardcore kids that have lasted through many cycles in the scene and I think people can relate to and appreciate that.” Terror are one of the most essential hardcore bands of the 21st century and Scott makes it clear just how much the hardcore scene means to the band as artists within the scene, but also as fans themselves. It’s a struggle to make seven records that are all unique whilst staying within one genre, but Terror have shown the world just how easy they find it, releasing some of hardcore’s most recognisable work. Scott closes off our interview by telling us he hopes Terror’s legacy is remembered as that of “crazy, but not insane”.

Total Retaliation is out this Friday via Nuclear Blast Records



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