Whilst the band class themselves as Indie Rock, Foxing are far from falling under one genre, and new record, Nearer, My God, only confirms this. Talking to vocalist Conor, Discovered attempt to delve into the mindset of creativity within such an intriguing band.

The past twelve months have been rather interesting for Foxing, over the last year they’ve finished a record with Conor telling us “This is the happiest I’ve been with something I’ve been a part of writing.  I think as people, we’re learning to accept this as our career and learning to love ourselves.  That’s not an easy thing but I feel like the last year has led us to this point.”. The maturity of the band is reflected tenfold in the sound of Nearer My God, the album is brilliantly composed and is easy listening whilst being bold and intriguing, rather than just music for blind consumption.


The world itself is seemingly inspiration for the band, with Foxing travelling the globe they’re exposed to plenty of different external influences, “We get to encounter so many international artists and music that we never would if we stayed in the USA.  It’s really an insane privilege.  I assume it has had a major influence” not only do they appreciate the world around them on their travels, but the band also took the title track from Nearer My God, and recorded it in an additional four different languages to the English original; telling us, “it’s all inspired by Celine Dion.  She has recorded so many songs in so many different languages.  And with every song sung in a different tongue, you can hear the admiration she has for the language itself.  We wanted to show that in some way.  Our respect and appreciation of other languages.  My only regret is that it’s only one song and it’s only four languages”. Such a unique and interesting take on music really highlights not only the passion Foxing have towards their music, but also how much they enjoy creating and how much they put into what they make.

The record’s title itself takes inspiration from an unexpected source. Nearer My God takes its name from the hymn Nearer, My God, To Thee; Foxing taking their inspiration from its connection to tragedy and devastation. “It’s like the swan song of humanity.  It’s what they played when the Titanic sank and what CNN will play as its doomsday tape.  We wanted to try and cement it as the modern music embodiment of impending doom.  But more than that, we wanted to use it as a demon to face.” A bleak task to carry out, yet even on the darker moments of Nearer My God, there’s a real beauty to Foxing’s music – yet Conor also tells us, “ That being said, the record isn’t all doom and gloom.  There are moments of happiness and love.  It’s our attempt to reflect what the last few years have been like for us and for the rest of the world in a broader sense” and it’s hard to ignore the catharsis Foxing clearly felt when compiling the record, you can tell that the band have put so much of themselves into Nearer My God that it seems to be an extension of the musicians themselves and is a truly unique work of art for a variety of reasons.




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