There seems to be billboards up and around the UK. The billboard reads ‘DO YOU WANT TO START A CULT WITH ME?’ and gives us a phone number to ring.

So I rang it of course. This is what happens when you call:

I rang the number and told I was placed number 29 in the que. A woman on the phone is playing hold music and said ‘Welcome to Mantra.

I was then placed number 17 in the que. This is when the sound of growling is heard and the woman says ‘don’t think don’t question just believe’ ‘Mantra we live where we stand’ and ‘Mantra because consciousness only that annoying time between now’

Again the woman tells me where I am in the que. She tells me i’m 11th in the que where now all i can hear is a very loud growling.

A woman answers the phone and tells me I am through to Samantha and I must tell her my earth name. I tell her my name is Jessie and she thanks me. Next all I hear is a woman asking for my help sounding panicked and she’s telling me that someone is making her do things she doesn’t want to do and wants me to help her. She gets cut off by the sound of Bring Me The Horizon’s frontman Oli Sykes singing and what could be the clip of the bands new single until it’s cut off by a loud siren and the call ends.

If you carry on researching you’ll also find a website set up called which gives us some more interesting news.

The website seems to want to recruit us into a cult called Mantra and the website tells us that something is coming on August 21st.

“But these things too have answers. And all we tell you now is that you can be free.
But first, we must piss you off.
Salvation will return.
21 August 2018”

What are Bring Me The Horizon doing? We’re excited and ready to join this cult!



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