There’s something about the crossover group MTXS, or Metaxas “originally a Greek word to explain the state of “in-between-ness” that is one of the characteristics of being human”.

MTX take influence from hardcore and mix it into their nu-metal-esque sound, just one of a host of intriguing new bands splicing hardcore against other, more metallic sounds. The band don’t want to chain themselves to just one sound, and whilst they use the term hardcore to describe their sound as, “we think it’s the best representation of our music, attitude and performance” the band also acknowledge they aren’t a straight-up hardcore band and see their genre-splicing as a step towards being able to reach a wider audience, “We think it’s important to combine all of the sounds that you love in music and make something truly unique. This is what will grab people’s attention and in our case makes us truly satisfied in our writing style”

“We like to keep our recordings raw and real and our performance angry and energetic.”

At the heart of the band’s sound is the band keeping things real, with them saying, “There’s a danger with modern day recording, editing and programming. The software has gotten so good these days that you can make any band sound so tight it would be impossible to recreate live. We like to keep our recordings raw and real and our performance angry and energetic.” With plenty of bands opting to put out a record sounding so tight they forget that they need to perform the songs live, it’s refreshing to see bands keeping a DIY attitude towards their craft. This aspect in songwriting is blatant in MTXS’ craft, they’re not overly simplistic, nor are they a tech band, but their raw emotion aggression bleeds into every aspect of their recordings, something that can easily translate into a live setting given enough energy and passion.

“If something we don’t agree with occurs we will voice our opinions”

While the band do have some outspoken lyrics, they don’t see themselves as the leaders of a new revolution like some of their hardcore influences, instead stating; “with the rising issues of racism and fascism in America we felt something needed to be said which is why we felt the need to write “Tyrant”. We don’t see ourselves writing political statements in our material in the near future, however if something we don’t agree with occurs we will voice our opinions”. In essence, the band’s attitude towards such topics can be seen as refreshing, they don’t feel the need to create outspoken lyrics for the sake of it, but will instead use their voices when the time feels right. That being said, with the state of global politics headed towards Armageddon, MTXS might not be holding their tongues for long.





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